Landscape Business Planning Tool

Most contractors make the mistake of not creating a budget for their company when it should really be the foundation of their business. You wouldn’t build a house without a foundation first, would you?

Sales / Job Costs / Expenses

  • Plan your company strategy for the entire year with budgeting software.
  • Forecast annual sales goals so that you can achieve planned, divisional sales targets.
  • Outline costs of goods sold – labor, equipment, material & subcontractor expenses as they relate to the jobs you plan on doing this year. Do you have enough labor power? Machines & equipment? Can you afford raises and bonuses?
  • Determine overhead expenses so that you can plan your business growth – bigger shop, nicer office, better technology. By using an overhead markup, we will help you recover all of your indirect costs on every estimate that you create.

Artificial Intelligence / Profit

  • Let LMN analyze your numbers and compare them to industry averages so that you know if you are on the right track with your job costs & spending.
  • The best part of budgeting is that when you build an estimate, you get to use your own numbers. Recover your costs, overhead and make a profit on every job that you bid!
  • Your budget is also linked to tools like the Digital Pricing Catalog which stores your labor, material and equipment pricing, all in one place and ensures that you recover overhead expenses & make a profit.

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