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Knowing the right price, where you’re profitable, and who your superstars are… It’s all just numbers. LMN delivers those numbers every single day.

“Time tracking changed my life. I was doing paper timesheets [and] LMN changed that. It freed up 2 hours out of my day just going through timesheets. And it saved us a lot of money on top of that.”

Brittany Auman
Operations Manager • Auman Landscape LLC • Client since 2019

LMN is Built for Maintenance

Trim edges, not profits.

  • Improve crew management — An English and Spanish mobile app that puts schedules, instructions, tracking, and results in the hands of the people that need them.
  • Sharp, precise pricing — Grounds maintenance is competitive. LMN ensures you have the right price on every job, and the crews have goals to make it happen.
  • Make the hard work easy — Build estimates in minutes from templates, renew hundreds of estimates in seconds, and send estimates via email for online review and digital signatures. LMN saves teams hundreds of hours of work each year by making the hard work simple.

Scheduling that adapts as quickly as real-life.

  • Scheduling built for the real world —You can’t be stuck at a computer entering tickets for every change. Whether you have a solid plan or your plans fly out the window, LMN never gets in the way of crews executing and tracking their work.
  • Spend time working, not driving — Route optimization (included at no charge) ensures crews spend their time generating revenue, not driving to it.
  • Schedule contracts in under a minute – Different services require very different schedules, but LMN lets you schedule all services in a few easy clicks.

Never miss the important part – getting paid.

  • Automated invoicing — Whether you’re charging by the month, by the service, by material quantity, by the hour, or a combination of all them, LMN automates invoicing so you don’t miss revenue from billing mistakes.
  • Get paid faster (and easier!) — Generate a month’s worth of invoices in seconds, then email to your clients for online payment via credit card or ACH.
  • Never miss a thing – Color coded maps show you where your crews are, where they’ve been, sites complete, and most importantly, what’s incomplete.

Why LMN?


Double Sales, Better Buy-In, Faster Estimates – Same Staff.
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Jason Scharringa, Operations Manager

Nu Image

LMN customer since 2021


Send 50% More Estimates with LMN to Drive Growth.
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Ethan Dykstra, Managing Partner

A+ Lawn & Landscape

LMN customer since 2018


Job Costing and Real Time Insights Drives Financial Success
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Catherine McCormick, CFO

Meadowbrook Landscape

LMN customer since 2021

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