How it Works

1 Install the Crew app from the App Store or Google Play.

Install – Installing LMN’s crew app is simple to rollout. Crew leads and subs install the app from either store the Apple or Android store and can get started in under 1 minute.

Download from the Apple App Store
Download from Google Play

Choose your language – English or Spanish – LMN’s crew app makes it easy to work in the language that’s most comfortable for you.

2 Deploy schedules, deliver instructions, and clock-in in seconds.

Simple, fast punch-ins – Your crews don’t like paperwork. That’s why LMN Crew was built with the industry’s best (and fastest!) user experience.

In just a few taps, crews start their day, punch in at the shop or job site, and head to their first job.

3 Clock-out of a job, track what’s done, repeat.

LMN Crew is so much more than time tracking – It’s everything your crews need to manage their day:

  • Time tracking and payroll
  • Service tracking and invoicing
  • Job site and quality control instructions
  • Daily scheduling and routing
  • GPS location verification
  • Material loading and planning
  • Site notes and comments
  • Site photos
  • Weather notes
  • Job costing & visit feedback
  • … and more

4 Watch live as your crews work the day.

Stay on top of everything that’s happening – No more waiting for paperwork. No more trying to reach crew leads on their phones. Everything in the field is available instantly on your desktop. You’ll always know where your crews are, what they are working on, and what they’ve already completed.

This means better, faster adjustments to change, fewer mistakes, and better customer service.

5 Automates job tracking, payroll, invoicing and job costing.

One system that everyone’s cares to “get right”

Crews – you can be sure they won’t miss a minute of the day because the Crew app feeds payroll.

Office – payroll hours and job activities will automate your payroll (can sync to QuickBooks or export to Excel), track visits/services completed, invoice for billable work, and accurately job cost every job. Down to the very minute.

See the Crew App in Action

LMN Crew Video Overview

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