LMN software for a results-driven culture

Want a staff that wins?
Then show them the score.

Give crews information and expectations they need to get every task right. In as little as one month, you’ll see fewer mistakes, improved accountability, and staff that are motivated to improve results.

“It’s so easy to invoice out of the proposals. You can do it in 30 seconds.”

Aaron Wolfe
Owner • Wickenburg Landscape & Irrigation • Client since 2018

LMN is Built for People

Software designed for people who deliver results.

  • Execution made easy — Information, instructions, even photos flow from estimate to operations to field crews for predictable, stress-free execution.
  • Focus on the right tasks — Give your staff one place to track services, payroll, invoicing, and schedules to eliminate wasted hours entering data.
  • LMN speaks your language — With apps and training in English and Spanish, everyone has the opportunity to drive exceptional results.

Create a culture that nourishes high performers.

  • Feedback when it matters — Crews get instant feedback after tasks so that they know (and you know) that they’re achieving targets.
  • Inject some fun into work — Turn work into a sport with scoreboards for revenue and efficiency.
  • Build a performance-based culture — Foster a company where great people shine, and give others nowhere to hide. Redefine the people who want to work for you.

Finding great staff is hard. Developing them doesn’t have to be.

  • Great staff are the backbone of great companies — Greenius’ 150+ online training courses is simply the greatest resource for skills development in the green & snow industries.
  • Training made possible — Turnover happens but you can’t train new staff every week. Until now.
  • If you had a nickel… — for every (preventable) mistake in your company. Greenius training pays for itself, putting those nickels back in your pocket where they belong.

Why LMN?


Double Sales, Better Buy-In, Faster Estimates – Same Staff.
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Jason Scharringa, Operations Manager

Nu Image

LMN customer since 2021


Send 50% More Estimates with LMN to Drive Growth.
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Ethan Dykstra, Managing Partner

A+ Lawn & Landscape

LMN customer since 2018


Job Costing and Real Time Insights Drives Financial Success
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Catherine McCormick, CFO

Meadowbrook Landscape

LMN customer since 2021

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