LMN Snow Operations Management

It’s 7pm and the forecast just called for 7”. Let it snow.

Your crews just cleaned up one of the year’s biggest snow events and your phone lines are silent.

Is it Armageddon? Nah, it’s just LMN.

“I’ve looked at other softwares over the years just to see what’s out there… I always come back to LMN. It’s a one-stop shop that gives us everything we need.”

Nick Baughman
Owner • Earth Scapes Landscaping • Client since 2015

LMN is Built for Snow

Snow & ice software that leaves your competition in the drifts.

  • Streamline crew communication — An English and Spanish mobile app that takes all the paper (and the work!) out of snow paperwork.
  • Dispatch with unrivaled speed — Snow happens, but you’re always prepared. LMN dispatches optimized routes to your snow crews in mere seconds.
  • Real-time insights — Color coded maps show you where your crews are, where they’ve been and, most importantly, what’s being missed.

When you’re buried in snow, don’t get buried in paperwork.

  • Service & material tracking made simple — Whether it’s time on-site, services performed, or materials, LMN’s crew app tracks all key site information.
  • Best-In-Class Customer Service — Eliminate phone calls, reports, and invoice questions with LMN’s online customer portal – add it to your website in seconds.
  • Rock-solid verification — Crew notes, weather recording, photos, and GPS verified records that are never erased. When your customers or insurance have questions, LMN has your back.

Jobs done right, so you can can all catch up on sleep.

  • Flawless execution, every time — When the snow flies, so do the best laid plans – equipment breaks, weather changes, staff doesn’t show up.

    There’s nothing more frustrating than getting called back out to fix a problem. That’s why LMN Crew serves up site instructions, photos, and site maps to ensure the job gets done right, no matter who shows up to get it done.
  • Instant post-visit analysis – With every clock-out, crews get feedback on their actual vs estimated performance. With this visibility they can track and manage their own performance.

Make getting paid the easiest part of the job.

  • Get paid faster — Whether it’s contract, per push, per hour, or per inch, invoices are automatically generated from crew logs in seconds, not days.
  • Never miss billing again — If your billing depends on handwritten logs, you’ve got errors. LMN merges tracking, payroll, and invoicing into one system – and this system doesn’t miss.
  • Eliminate double entry — Watch the smile on your bookkeeper’s face when LMN syncs invoices, payments, timesheets and more to QuickBooks® .

Why LMN?


Double Sales, Better Buy-In, Faster Estimates – Same Staff.
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Jason Scharringa, Operations Manager

Nu Image

LMN customer since 2021


Send 50% More Estimates with LMN to Drive Growth.
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Ethan Dykstra, Managing Partner

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LMN customer since 2018


Job Costing and Real Time Insights Drives Financial Success
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Catherine McCormick, CFO

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LMN customer since 2021

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