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Are you ready to dominate Winter this year? Join LMN for Snow Days! This advanced two-day course is tailored for current LMN users ready to crush their snow success.

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2 days of in-class training
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Leave your
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Network with Snow Management Experts

Join a vibrant community of snow and ice management professionals. Share best practices, tips, and innovative strategies in a collaborative environment.

Boost Your Winter Readiness

Collaborate and equip your team with advanced skills to tackle the unique challenges of winter from optimizing operations to increasing profitability.

Your Data, Your Way

Work in both your own account and our sandbox account. Practice creating estimates, tracking jobs, and more without the fear of making mistakes.

Can 2 days fundamentally change your snow business?


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Whether you’re new to snow and ice management or seeking to optimize operations for increased profits, attending LMN’s Snow Days will prepare you to excel in the upcoming season.

Beyond the individual tools, you will gain insights into best practices for optimizing snow job management using LMN. This includes strategies for maximizing efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing profitability in the snow and ice management business.

Day 1

Budget Tips and Tricks for Snow, Estimating Snow Contracts, and Building Job Binders for Snow Jobs

Start your snow training by mastering budget optimization, estimating snow contracts, and creating comprehensive job binders. Learn advanced techniques for managing divisional budgets, setting sales goals, and creating precise estimate templates for various snow removal contracts. Gain hands-on experience with job binder creation and job management strategies to ensure efficient and profitable snow operations. Tools covered include:

  • Divisional Budgets:
  • Sales Goal Setup
  • Estimate Templates
  • Contract Variations
  • Production Rate Calculations
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Jobsite Measurement Tools
  • Renewals
  • Reports and Pipelining
  • Job Binder Creation
  • Converting Estimates to Jobs
    Job Groups
    Bulk Editing
    Bulk Job Creation
    Job Renewals
    Change Orders

Day 2

Advanced Snow Job Management and Invoicing

Dive deep into advanced snow job management and invoicing strategies to optimize operational efficiency and profitability. Learn how to schedule snow jobs effectively, utilize the LMN Crew app for tracking, document client interactions through the customer portal, and implement best practices for invoicing and job costing. Tools covered include:

  • Scheduling Snow Jobs
  • Waitlist Feature
  • Unscheduled Routes Feature
  • Best Practices for Crew Leads
  • LMN Crew App for Snow Jobs Tracking
  • Taking Photos and Notes
  • Skipping Visits
  • Adding Comments
  • Customer Portal Review
  • Live Crew Tracking as an Admin
  • Live Job Tracking as an Admin
  • Timesheet Review and Approvals
  • Invoicing Snow Jobs with Different Contract Terms
  • Automated Invoicing for Contracted Snow Removal Services
  • Best Practices
  • Job Costing and Reports

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