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Accessing external capital opens up a range of possibilities for growth to take your business to the next level.

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Minimum Criteria

Any landscaping business, from small to large, can get access to the needed capital as long as you meet these minimum requirements.

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Growth Opportunities


Expand Your Business

We understand your business and can ensure great rates for more extensive needs, like expanding to new locations or expanding your current shop. Knowing when and how to grow your business or become more efficient to achieve greater profitability takes financial funding. Cash flow creates opportunity, and sometimes it takes a little help and support to get there.

Purchase Equipment

Expand your fleet during growth spurts or add new machines for large projects. Efficiency and effectiveness are the name of the game in landscaping and can be the difference between a job taking days vs. weeks and being profitable vs. breaking even. Ensure you have the right tool for the job.

Hire New Employees

Many hands make short work. Having the ability to scale your crew before projects start is essential. Use a short-term loan to pre-hire and train before the start of the season to ensure you aren't short on skilled labor. Many hands make quick work, and that's especially true when taking on larger projects.
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Buy Materials and Supplies

Some projects have significant upfront material costs, and you can ensure you have the proper cash flow for materials by using short-term loans. Don't get caught out on that next big landscape supply order. Take advantage of volume discounts and enable efficient delivery by having everything (salt, topsoil, mulch, etc) in inventory.

Cash Flow

Having 10% of your budget available as liquid assets is essential for running a business and provides a safety net when funding projects, equipment, or managing payroll. The path to making more informed and confident decisions greatly depends on your financial security.

Accounts Receivable

Larger projects often take longer to get paid, and the outlay of cash in advance to fund those projects can be intimidating. Ensure you have proper cash flow between payments and open up the opportunity to begin bidding on larger jobs and working with new clientele.
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