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The most advanced and intuitive time tracking app for the landscape industry.

What does LMN Crew do?

It sets your crews up for success.

Quickly arm your crews with vital information so they can make decisions throughout the day, on their own, keeping you up to date automatically.

  • The schedule, route, and the plan for the day (and the week and the month).
  • The job, files, estimates, and everything needed to do the work right the first time.
  • Clock-in, record lunch, track their productive and shop time, and send a reminder to get their timesheets in!
  • Real-time insights on what other crews have accomplished to streamline decision making.
  • Easy to log in and intuitive to use, so crews spend more time working and less time calling the office – in both English and Spanish.

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Already use LMN?

Crew is in the field so you don’t have to be.

Less time chasing crews for information and more time on what matters – building a better business.

  • All crew time gets tracked – from loading up at the shop to final punch out. You’ll know everything that happened without needing to be there.
  • Notes, photos, work, and services completed at each property are all available for review in real-time.
  • Lets your customers see the work that was completed – so they don’t have to call you to find out.
  • GPS time stamps, weather notes, and upsell opportunities.

More insights, more profit, more growth.

With clear insights from real-time job costing, automatically powered by LMN Crew, you’ll know what’s working and what’s not so you can focus your attention on improving.

  • Measure actual job hours against estimates on a daily basis.
  • Know exactly what went right and what didn’t on a job with real-time job costing.
  • Get paid more and faster by automatically tracking and invoicing for visits, services, and materials.
  • Flag and address potential issues before they become money-wasting problems.
  • Fix the problems, push further, and evolve with clear end-to-end visibility.

LMN Crew Walkthrough

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the new crew app, hear about all the great new features from our CTO, Mike Lysecki

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