How it Works

1 Set up pricing, templates, and production rates to create repeatable and profitable estimating.

Make estimating quick and repeatable – For truly turnkey estimating, LMN’s advanced estimating features will save you all kinds of time in your days/evenings.

Price List – Set up crews and equipment and import pricing from vendors for fast, accurate pricing.

Templates – Estimate common types of work in seconds with templates that include items, notes, and even calculators for quantities.

Production Rates – Enter a measurement. Calculator the labor or material needed. Repeat. It’s that simple.

2 Estimate with confidence.

Building profitable design / build or maintenance estimates is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Add labor, equipment, materials, and more – They’ll automatically be setup with their default costs and prices that are tuned for your company.
  • Set your quantities – Either manually or using calculators that help estimators use industry / company standard production rates.
  • Review key metrics – Instant access to true net / gross profit, revenue per labor hour, and more provide instant assurance that you’ve got the right price on every job.

3 Generate proposals and contracts.

Highly customizable – LMN gives you over 6,000 ways to show and hide information on estimates to ensure your show your clients see exactly what you want them to see.

PDF or email – Send single estimates for clients to review directly in their email – or send out hundreds of renewals with just a few clicks.

Digital signatures – Customers can review, leave comments, and even approve with a digital signature and initials.

4 Sell the job. Convert the estimate into a turnkey plan for operations to execute.

The job’s been sold. Now comes the hard stuff – Pricing the job right is only half the battle. The real work is having the rest of the company know exactly what’s expected so they can execute.

LMN’s estimates convert into job plans – and are available via the LMN Crew app so your operations team, crews, and accounting have the goals and information they need to be successful.

5 Estimate, review, learn, and improve.

Estimating is art, not just a science – We all make plenty of mistakes to learn from.

LMN’s estimating analytics and job costing reports pinpoint areas for improvement by division, work type and estimator / salesperson and more.

The first step to every profitable landscape job is a profitable estimate.

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