How it Works

1 Crews track hours and services on the LMN Crew app.

Getting crews to care about tracking their time accurately is hard – Unless it’s the system that runs their payroll.

With LMN, your crews will accurately track every minute of their time – so they get paid – while you get to see exactly where every minute of that payroll gets spent. Labor costs are automatically allocated to jobs and every single minute is accounted for.

2 Track equipment costs with a few clicks.

Job costing equipment in Quickbooks is difficult – LMN makes it simple. Whether your crews track equipment time in the app or your office enters it later, you’ll allocate equipment to jobs in mere seconds.

3 Enter vendor bills for tracking materials, subs, and more.

Quickbooks job costs vendor bills, but inventory isn’t easy – But with LMN, job costing material is as simple as it should be.

Crews can upload pictures of receipts for your office to enter and allocate to jobs. Inventory materials can be tracked by crews or office in just a few simple steps.

4 Plan, track, learn, improve.

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it – With LMN’s job costing analytics dashboards, you’ll monitor the precise net profit earned on every job, including overhead.

Better yet, watch your estimates improve over time as you track estimated vs. actual costs on all quantities.

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