LMN Pay, A More Efficient Way To Do Business

The LMN Customer Portal is even better now with LMN Pay. It creates a more efficient, transparent, and professional way for landscapers to do business and accept multiple methods of payments including credit cards. Card payments significantly improve cash flow.

LMN Pay is a payment processing platform that lets you manage and store client credit card information, process payments and accept deposits directly through the LMN Customer Portal, creating efficiency for you and your customers. Your customers are also able to view, approve and sign off on proposed work within the system. Plus, customer credit cards are securely saved on file and charged as needed, or you can set your client up to bill automatically on a recurring basis.

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  • Increases Cash Flow: Consumers are willing to spend 2x more when paying with credit cards than cash or check while saving the landscape contractor hours of administrative time chasing down payments. This helps speed up your cash flow and help your business grow!
  • Drives Operational Integration: Built inside the LMN Customer portal, LMN Pay seamlessly integrates with our invoicing, estimating and accounting software.
  • Simple and Affordable Fees: Our pricing is affordable and simple to understand. Plus, no setup or cancellation fees, customer service fees and more. See our pricing information below on the backside.
  • Full-Service Customer Support: LMN Pay offers a variety of customer support options including self service and team member support, available Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 6 pm EST.
  • Ease of usage: Quickly customers can review their jobs and pay for them in a click of mouse. Plus, they can store their credit card information in a secure portal to avoid constant updates.
  • Simple and Affordable Fees: No transaction fees, no account maintenance and more.

LMN Pay:

Simple, Affordable Pricing

LMN Pay is designed to simplify payment processing for landscapers and their customers. We keep our fees as low as possible.



  • Convenient Integrated Credit Card + ACH Transactions
  • Competitive Rates
  • Reduced Fees
  • Payment Security
  • Easy Reconciliation
  • Next Day Funding
  • Real-time Reporting
  • PCI Scope Reduction
  • Transaction Management


Three Easy Steps to Enroll with LMN Pay

It takes just minutes to enroll!

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