How it Works

1 Import clients from QuickBooks or Excel

Hit the ground running – Get started less than 5 minutes by importing your customer and jobsite list from QuickBooks. LMN supports both the online and desktop versions.

Or, import your clients or leads from any other app via an Excel or CSV file.

2 Add or edit contacts & jobsites

Add one more persons and jobsites any client or lead – Add as many people – or addresses – to a client or lead as you need.

Contacts – Add phone numbers, email addresses notes, and setup clients to receive SMS notifications about work scheduled and/or completed.

Jobsites – Add addresses, notes, photos, files, even measure jobsite areas like turf, parking lots, and sidewalks right from your device.

3 Track important information – conversations, emails, tasks and more

Organize client communication so nothing gets missed – Automatically record important emails, enter conversations from phone calls, and assign due dates and automated notifications for followup tasks.

4 Use the Customer Portal to make it easy for customers to do business with you

Being transparent with customers doesn’t mean you need hundreds of calls and emails – LMN includes a full-featured customer portal that allows your customers to easily:

  • Review and approve estimates
  • View their schedule
  • Submit requests
  • View status of completed work – including photos!
  • View and pay invoices – including auto-pay!

The portal includes a full suite of permissions so you’re in control of exactly what your clients see.

5 Close more leads, retain more customers with interactive sales insights

Drive more revenue and land more profitable clients and jobs – LMN’s analytics dashboards show you, at a glance:

  • Your best opportunities
  • Where opportunities are getting stuck
  • How effectively you are closing
  • Salesperson effectiveness
  • … and much more

See CRM In Action

Learn more about the CRM module in this LMN Video overview

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