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With the # 1 Business Management Software for the Green Industry

It’s time to start running your business… instead of letting it run you. LMN – Budget, Estimate, Schedule and Invoice all from one place. 


Get started and grow profits using these business building tools


82% of small businesses fail due to lack of budget and cashflow problems. We want you to succeed and that starts with building an annual budget.


50% of landscape companies say they win more work with professional and transparent estimates. We can make yours shine!

Customer Relationship Manager

100% of small business owners get tied up in daily communications instead of building and systemizing the business to run more efficiently. Let us free up your time.

Time Tracking

50% of employees admit to adding 15-60 minutes to their time sheets every day. We make sure you only pay for the hours worked.


Win More Work

Professional estimates help you win more work. Transparency builds trust. Trust wins more jobs and retains current customers. Build professional estimates in minutes and reduce your time spent quoting the work.

Make Better Decisions

Budgeting helps you stay focused on the financials and have a plan for success. Determine your company operating budget to ensure spending aligns with earnings. Set sales goals and make more informed decisions when purchasing equipment or hiring a new employee.

Streamline Communications

A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) allows for easy access and organization of your customers and their contact info in one place and on a mobile app. Keep track and manage all new and existing customers in one location. Accessible to multiple team members for cross-collaboration.

Eliminate Waste

LMN Time is a mobile app with employee gamification. It reduces time theft and helps you understand the most profitable work. Time tracking magnifies waste and highlights non-billable operating costs


With 1:1 support, online training and a thriving community behind you, you don't have to go at it alone. Get the most out of your tools with our legendary customer support team and join thousands of landscape business owners just like you.

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Customers reviews

Sherry Watts

from Impullitti Landscaping

“When we found LMN, we were just so excited. We spent the summer setting it up for our snow plow operations, and when winter came, we ended up having our best snow plow season ever. Every aspect was amazing, from estimating, training our staff in the field, knowing what was happening on the jobsite, who was where, and what was being done. It created efficiencies and transparency in all corners of our business”

Dave Wright

from Wright Landscape Services

“Love the way LMN has been very progressive and moving forward constantly, so I made the jump and didn’t regret a minute of it. From an operational standpoint, it’s the tie between LMN time and QuickBooks. The fact that it goes seamlessly into payroll at the click of a button is superior. From an estimating standpoint, it’s really solid, and the fact that it ties to operations means there are fewer questions and less lost information, and it’s not a shuffle of papers.”

Kevin Scott

from Muskoka Landscapers

“We use LMN for all of our proposals. All of our time, tracking is done through LMN. And that’s what I love about it most. I use to spend hours and hours putting together proposals and estimates. I can build proposals in a fraction of the time, and now were in our 4th year using LMN, and I wonder what we would do without it.”

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