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Time Tracking + App

Remove that ol’ punch clock from the shop wall and take your time tracking to the next level.

Crews / Digital Timesheets

  • Digital timesheets will eliminate those old school paper timesheets that cost so much of you valuable time. Be that “cool” landscape company that uses technology, so that crews can punch-in right through their mobile devices.
  • Track time against tasks so that you know exactly how long it takes your crews to complete their work.This will help you with job costing as well as building production rates for more accurate estimating.
  • Did we mention that crews can also track what services have been completed, and what materials & quantities were used onsite?

Office Staff / Timesheet Approvals

  • See when crews have made edits to their timesheets and where they were located when they made those changes.
  • Artificial intelligence built-in so that you can see timesheet edits and discrepancies without having to search for them.
  • Run payroll 10x faster by importing your LMN Timesheets right into QuickBooks Desktop or Online.

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