Sales & Marketing Reports

We bet you’ve never had data like this before.

  • Use dashboards for daily summaries on estimated work and what jobs are sitting in the sales pipeline.
  • Ensure you’re on track to hit your sales goals and identify work types that are excelling or falling behind.
  • Generate estimate item cost reports to forecast labor, equipment & materials requirements for work that’s been won.
  • Make better decisions on whether you should be buying or renting equipment.
  • Generate reports on closing rates to see if sales reps are beating their sales goals.
  • Break down reporting by divisional sales revenue.


  • Export specific contact information to market discounts and promotions to your customers.
  • Curious to know if your truck branding or job site signs are working to gain more customers? Using referral reports, you can analyze which marketing channels are working or not.
  • Tag your customers and leads so that you can analyze your customer base and target marketing to them.

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