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It's time to start running your business... instead of letting it run you. LMN - The landscape industry's leading business management software company would like to offer you a FREE Account.



The essential tools you need to grow.

LMN is the all-in-one landscape management software you’ve been waiting for. Increase productivity, know your numbers, get your customer and contact information in order, and do it all quicker and better than you'd ever imagined.


Budget — Establish a Foundation for Business Success

It all starts with your budget. Set your sales goals, outline your costs and recover your overhead. Know the right mark-ups to price every job for profit.

CRM — Get a Handle on Customers & Sales Processes

LMN’s CRM tool is built exclusively for the landscape industry, allowing you to assign to-do’s for your team and track all customer communication – right from the cab of your truck.

Item Catalog — Understand All of Your Costs

Load and store labor, material and equipment pricing, along with production rates and templates all in one place for quick access.

Estimates — Estimate Quickly & Consistently

Empower your salespeople to price jobs for profit and prepare estimates* on the fly while you increase efficiencies with job plans for crews.

*Limited estimates available in the FREE account.

QuickBooks Sync — Take Advantage of Automation

Get started in no time by linking LMN directly to your QuickBooks Desktop or Online file to import accurate data on your customers/leads.

LMN Help Center — Free Support

Membership has its benefits. We’ve got you covered with FREE support. LMN Academy webinars, instructional videos and 1 on 1 customer support.

Looking for more powerful tools?

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  • Greg Kay
    "LMN makes it easier to justify making the equipment purchases for getting the job done with the added peace of mind that our costs are being recovered."
    Greg Kay
    Shady Tree Landscaping Inc.
  • Josh Hollander
    "We didn't understand our costs, we were making money, but we didn't know where or where we may have been losing money. LMN enables us to focus on where to cut costs or spend more and share with the entire organization."
    Josh Hollander
    Hollander Landscapes Ltd.
  • Chris Chetcuti
    "LMN provided us with a complete understanding our overhead recovery and pricing that enabled us to better understand the types of projects that were most beneficial our business."
    Chris Chetcuti
    Landform Inc.

Do I really need all these tools?

Are you selling more work, but not seeing more profit at the end of the year?

Do you waste time looking up material and equipment costs, because they are not easily accessible?

Have you lost jobs, because it take hours or days to get an estimate prepared for a client?

Do you still manage your customers and leads on bits of paper and sticky notes?

Did you answer yes to any of the above?

Know Your Numbers


Increase a 3-person crew’s productivity by a conservative 10%. That crew generates $300,000/year in production would now generate $330,000. This 10% is easily obtained, when you consider the cost of wasted time, download our spreadsheet and do the math for your self to see how simple reductions in wasted time can save thousands.

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Getting any business management software setup properly can take a significant amount of time — but we’re here to make it significantly easier. Join us for a 1-day educational workshop and our business advisors will get you up and running with LMN.

Stop the guesstimating, start learning with LMN.