Customer Manager (CRM) + App

Throw away those sticky notes and manage your lead & customer information all in one spot, whether you are out in the truck or back at the office.

Mobile App

  • Use the CRM mobile app to manage your customers and deadlines from anywhere.
  • Take property photos and upload them right away for instant documentation.
What is the CRM Mobile App?

Say goodbye to sticky notes and hello to the CRM mobile app. The CRM app streamlines and reduces back and forth communication and allows you to manage your leads and locate your customer information all in one place. Regardless of your location, the landscape business customer management tool will enable you to access all your with ease.

Why Should I Use the CRM App?

Because day-to-day communications take time away from productivity and completing work, and a mobile customer relationship management, or CRM for short, allows owners and staff to manage their customer relationships with landscaping CRM software. With the CRM app, you can provide your clients with sales opportunities, access customer information, create to-do lists, utilize communication tools, and so much more. Tracking and managing your leads is easier than ever before. It nearly eliminates digging through email, trying to remember who you followed up with and who you didn’t. Our unique landscaping CRM software will help free up more time so you can focus on increasing sales and revenue.

How Does the CRM Mobile App Work?

Now more than ever, building relationships matter and especially in local service businesses. Through our landscape business customer management tool, you will be on your way to building customer relationships and capturing more referral work. Create and utilize customer profiles to access store contact information with our job management software. Not only will you create a personalized experience for each customer, but you will also increase your chances of retaining them. In the palm of your hand, you will be able to analyze marketing channels with customer tags, referral sources, and reporting. Determine where you should be spending your marketing dollars based on how your customers hear about your company. You can create processes with your own company by assigning customers, setting deadlines, and meeting reminders within the CRM mobile app.

Who Uses the Landscaping CRM Software?

Now that you are more familiar with the landscape business customer management tool, who exactly uses this landscaping CRM software? Great question! Business owners and salespeople would greatly benefit from the CRM app to manage customers and deadlines conveniently anywhere. Our digital photo storage software allows you to take and upload images with a click of a button for instant documentation. The days of scanning client and company documents are over. Introduce the CRM mobile app into your business, and you are sure to free up more time to produce more work and build a better landscape business. Choose our landscaping CRM software and manage your customer relationships on the go. Whether you spend most of your time in the office or on the road, our CRM app is here to make your business more efficient, and ultimately, more profitable!

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