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The number of women employed in the landscaping industry is slowly on the rise but industry leaders agree that more work needs to be done to attract women to the … Read more


If you’re struggling to find qualified workers, you’re not alone. Hiring challenges continue to plague the landscaping industry, making it tough for landscapers to find, hire and keep manpower. With … Read more


The landscape industry is consistently challenged by the strain of maintaining employee retention, forcing them to hire and train new individuals over and over again. This draining task takes away … Read more

A healthy, beautiful lawn is the foundation for an eye-catching landscape. As a professional, you know that turf care is about more than just mowing and watering; it’s a complex … Read more


Written by: Xander Kirby (@green_industry_guy) The spring rush is upon us, and hiring is one of the greatest hurdles we all have to deal with in the coming weeks. Hiring is … Read more


When was the last time you did a major overhaul of your company’s lawn care marketing strategy? Having a user-friendly website and automated email marketing is a solid start but … Read more


What’s the best way to craft a lawn care price increase letter that won’t put off your clients? Effective communication is key. If they are not handled with tact and … Read more


Whether you’re looking to transition into commercial landscaping, or are simply ready to increase your volume, honing your strategy for how to get commercial landscaping contracts is a surefire way … Read more


Interested in creating your own landscaping business? Congratulations! Starting your own landscaping company can be an incredibly rewarding experience and a lucrative business. Knowing where to start and how to … Read more

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