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Be the Trusted Advisor Using Power Statements

When you’re talking with potential customers, you’re the expert in landscaping. But they’re the expert in what they want. So how do you position yourself as a trusted advisor in getting them what they want? 

You use power statements.

What is a Power Statement?

Power statements position the product or service you offer as being the true solution to a problem. A power statement makes you and your offer understandable, credible, outstanding, and buyable. 

To craft a power statement, you first need to understand your customer’s pain points with power questions

Imagine you are discussing a landscaping contract with a business park. With power questions, you learned that your customer needs detailed documentation of each visit because each company wants to know what was done on their lot and when.

Your power statement can then position your company as thorough and detail oriented. You can discuss how you set up recurring jobs with specific tasks for your crews, and how you require all of your crews to take photos of the finished job. 

You’re not selling landscaping services, you’re selling peace of mind.

In this week’s webinar, LMN Founder and CEO Mark Bradley discusses strategies for creating compelling power statements that can help you close your deals more effectively.

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