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Uncovering Pain Points Using Power Questions

No two customers are exactly alike. So why should you pitch new customers the same way?

When you’re meeting with prospective customers, they’re looking for you to either bring them  pleasure or help them avoid pain. It’s the instinct that drives a lot of what we do as human beings. 

One residential customer might be looking for their backyard to be an oasis for them and their family. They want beautiful plants, an outdoor kitchen, and maybe a pool. Their neighbor might be looking for privacy in their backyard and want a fence, privacy hedges, and other more practical work.

One industrial customer may only care that their loading docks are clear of snow and ice as fast as possible. Shutting down the manufacturing line because supply trucks can’t get in could mean losing millions of dollars from lost productivity or broken contracts. They want reliability. Your next commercial customer may want to beautify their space because they’re looking to impress potential investors, and want to make a real impact through their space.

These four potential customers all want landscaping services. But unless you ask the right questions, you won’t know what they actually care about. What is bringing them pain or is preventing full enjoyment of their property. 

In this week’s Mastermind Weekly Webinar, LMN Founder and CEO Mark Bradley walks through creating compelling power questions and how to use them to uncover your prospect’s pain points – and use that information to close.

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