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How to Differentiate your Landscape Company

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Why should a customer choose your landscape company over one of your competitors? What makes working with you different, better, than working with someone else? 

It’s a question that’s not as simple as it seems. Was your immediate response something like:

  1. We do quality work for good value
  2. We are reliable and dependable
  3. We’re not the cheapest, but we’re not the most expensive

You probably aren’t wrong! These are just very common responses that your customer has probably heard hundreds of times. After all, a successful landscape company isn’t going to brag that they do shoddy work, won’t answer the phone when called, or that they’re over or undercharging their customers.

Find Your Unique Projects and Processes

Start by looking at your projects and processes. You’re probably already doing things that differentiate you from other companies. You just need to recognize it.  

Do you provide fully detailed renderings, complete with multiple vantage points and intricate detail, before the first shovel hits the ground?

Do you have connections to other companies that offer complimentary services? 

Do you have a large enough team to make project adjustments without incurring major delays?

Are you willing to give out your personal cell number so you’re always available, even on nights and weekends?

Do you offer “emergency” services? Like a last-minute yard cleanup before a big event?

Is all of your work done “in-house” so you can manage the project better and eliminate the worry of flaky subcontractors?

Do your crew members have advanced certifications that prove their expertise?

When you really start to analyze your process and why your regular customers keep coming back to you, you’ll see what actually makes you different.

Be Ready to Provide Examples

Anyone can say that they provide fast and responsive service. It’s much harder to explain how you cleared out storm debris four hours before a backyard wedding. Or how you were able to fix a golf course sprinkler system during off-hours so you didn’t interrupt business.

Giving concrete examples helps build trust that you actually do what you say you’ll do. It’s even better to have other people say these things about you. Gathering testimonials and references can help push your proposal past the finish line.

It’s also a great way to get remembered. A prospective customer may not remember that you said that you offered same-day emergency services, but they’ll remember a story where your team came in and saved a wedding.

Be Bolder Than Your Competitors

Are other landscaping companies putting flyers on doors in a neighborhood? Make a glossy book filled with your best work and leave it in their mailboxes. Others put up a sign on a property they’re working on? Put your logo on your trucks, equipment, and t-shirts along with the sign. 

Are other landscaping companies delivering sketches? Commission an artist to create a full rendering that really brings your customer’s vision to life. Being timid isn’t going to win you business. You may incur additional costs with your marketing tactics, but if they get you in front of your ideal customer, it’s worth it. 

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