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9 Life-Changing Apps Landscape Pros Need to Know

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Implementing technology into your landscaping business is a great way to drive efficiency and improve the customer experience. However, you may be wondering the best way to do this. Some of the best options available are mobile apps. These are a perfect fit for the on-the-go nature of landscape work, and here are 9 of the standouts.

1. 4’O Clock 4

Optimize your day and your landscape crew with this free app. An exclusive LMN product, the 4’O Cock app is perfect for forepersons, supervisors and other company managers looking to track progress and plan for today and get ready for tomorrow. This makes it possible to send a consistent project progress email after each workday. The app guides your crew through the process of creating a report for supervisors on project status, as well as any issues that have arisen. You can also send an email to other workers on the team to update individual job progress/requirements. Download on the App Store or get it on Google Play today for a better tomorrow.

2. LMN Time

What if you could run payroll 10x faster? We’ve got you! Another LMN app, LMN Time is a mobile timesheet program made explicitly for landscape, snow removal, and construction contractors. This tracks work hours for payroll but can also provide you with essential information like estimates vs. actuals, GPS verification of clock-in and clock-outs, as well as crew notes and reports. You can also integrate this with LMN’s software to ensure that your information goes from your estimates to a schedule to your crews.


Put all your customer in the palm of your hand and turn those contacts into signed proposals, Interfacing with your customers is an important part of landscape work, and LMN’s CRM apps for landscape pros allow you to take this to the next level. Enter information on your customers or leads in a database, as well as access your communication history with them. You can also upload photos and files to show the progress of your jobs with different customers. Win more business and make your life easier with LMN CRM. The customer relationship app made by landscapers for landscapers.

4. Spotify

Sometimes you need to tune out the world and focus. This addition may be a bit of a surprise, but music or podcasts are a mentally healthy way to make a busy workday a little easier. Take advantage of the millions of different tracks and episodes available to help make work more relaxing.

In addition, you can also take a more educational turn. Spotify podcasts are full of industry knowledge for you to enhance your business. For example, by subscribing to the Landscape Disruptors podcast, you can get your regular dose of industry news. With 286 million monthly active users, there’s sure to be content that fits your daily needs.

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5. Yelp

Local marketing is critical to develop your business, and a Yelp presence is often the cornerstone of this presence. With the Yelp app, you can reach more customers by taking a high position in local SEO and branded searches. Also, you can track reviews to respond to any issues before they get out of control. Case in point – as many as 95% of customers consider reviews before buying from a company. Stat about reviews

6. Instagram

Social media is an essential method to drum up new customers for your landscaping business, and Instagram is one of the best. With a natural focus on visuals, this is a great way to show off your work, your team, and news and details about your company. As many as 85% of Instagram users are introduced to new brands and products through the platform. Think of Instagram as if it’s your micro-website for your landscape business. Stay engaged and active on a daily basis by sharing behind the scenes progress on the job and proud moments of our snow business or green scenes.

7. Yard App

Landscape business owners have new realities when it comes to beating the competition. Yard brings augmented reality into the landscaping world with some exciting potential and results. By transforming your drawings and plans into 3D, you can give your customers and employees a preview of how different projects and installations will look before you even get started.

8. iScape

iScape is one of the top apps for designing outdoor living areas and is a great way to preview to your team and customers exactly how an area will look when you are done with a project. With augmented reality and 2D designs, you can collaborate with your fellow employees to fully understand your end goal for a given project. In addition, iScape inventories every project in a given design to make purchasing easier.

9. Snapseed

Insider tip from the LMN marketing team, level up your photos with the Snapseed app. This professional photo editor offers 29 different tools and features and tutorials for newcomers to start editing their photos. This makes for a great beginner option for those who want to begin capturing images of their work for progress reports, sending to customers, or for use in marketing.

There are many valuable business and technology apps for landscape pros to use, but when it comes to getting the most functionality from a single one, you’d be hard-pressed to beat out the LMN apps. If you have more questions about our apps and software, we are happy to help you get started. Are you a snow contractor trying to prepare for the upcoming season? Download our ebook to learn how to scale your business effectively.

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