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Using LMN’s Landscaper CRM One Landscaper Broke $3M

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How can a landscaper CRM software  translate into a multi-million dollar difference? When it comes to landscape business software, you’re not just making a financial investment, but also a time investment in terms of onboarding and other work. As a result, you want to make sure that you are seeing concrete results for what you get.

One customer who saw exactly that result was Dave DiGregorio, Project Manager at Ground Works Land Design. DiGregorio recently appeared on the Ramblin Jackson podcast to discuss how LMN propelled his company to $3 million in revenue. Here’s a look at how our landscape CRM software made the difference.

Dave DiGregorio, Project Manager at Ground Works Land Design

The moment where DiGregorio decided that his company needed a CRM (customer relationship management) system was probably earlier than you would think, “probably south of that million-dollar mark,” as he puts it. Technology was always a part of his plans for the company, as the world of landscaping always has so much going on and so many variables on a given day. Software is essential to make sure that you can play for every day, stay organized, and create a custom plan for each client.

What exactly is a CRM system? Think of it as an all-in-one suite that helps you handle all aspects of working with your customers. Some key features include:

  • Tracking and managing different leads.
  • Creating customer profiles that enable you to generate a personalized experience for each one.
  • Analytics on your different marketing channels to help guide your progress.
  • The ability to assign customers, deadlines, and reminders to your sales and marketing teams.

DiGregorio notes that any company can do the fundamentals of landscaping like cutting grass and laying paving. What separates a leader apart is the ability to provide those smaller details to customers to create a high-quality experience. How exactly did LMN’s landscape business software help here, and what made him call it “single-handedly the best decision we ever made for our business, almost undoubtedly?”

Normally, as he puts it, CRM is about storing and saving client information. However, LMN takes this to the next level. One major benefit is the fact that it is cloud-based. Conventional paper records make massive headaches because losing one sheet or paper could result in someone having to drive back to the office to finish their job. This is an example of lost efficiency. Going to the cloud makes it possible to access information from any mobile device. DiGregorio also cites the benefits of being able to implement your estimates, track budgeting, and track time. CRM is where LMN starts, but the software suite is the full package.

How do these benefits play out in practice? CRMs make it possible to streamline regular operations like entering client info or tracking communication history. As he puts it, it gives a single salesperson the ability to do the work of three. This means not having to pay as much in salary or commission. In addition, it makes management easier. The pen-and-paper record may only be understandable to the person that made it. However, CRM digital records make it possible to manage people more closely, as well as communicate better.

For sales teams, this also makes their daily process easier. For example, when a new prospect comes in, the team can quickly look at the sales records of each salesperson to find the best fit to land said client. Adding a digital record of notes over the course of the deal means that it can serve as a historical record as well. Say that your company lost the deal. You could put up notes on what went wrong, and the sales team could reference it as an example of what not to do moving forward.

LMN Estimating System

Using LMN is a concrete investment in increasing the revenue and efficiency of your landscaping business, and this is one of many examples. Ready to get started? Reach out to us today for more information on our software. Be sure to subscribe to the Landscape Disruptors podcast for more industry news. 

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