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3 Reasons Landscape Pros Love LMN Software

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Landscape business software is a critical part of operations for any snow business or lawn and landscape company. These tools allow you to keep track of your daily operations, the financial health of your company, as well as how you are allocating your resources. Having a historical record of this information is key to ensure that you make the right decisions for your company. LMN’s software offerings are some of the most popular among landscapers. Here’s why.

1. Customer Portal

One of the signature features of LMN’s business management software is our Customer Portal. A lot of other landscaping software out there is only focused on internal operations, and while this is useful, many businesses are lagging behind in terms of customer experience. Customer Portal offers the following capabilities.

Accepting credit card payments

Make it possible to process payments as quickly and securely as possible by letting customers use credit cards.

Paying invoices online

Your customers can say goodbye to antiquated paper systems by managing their invoices online.

Sharing job site photos/ videos

Some customers may wish to see the progress of their jobs during the process. This platform makes that simpler.

Overall, LMN’s Customer Portal offers increased transparency and support for the customer experience, separating you from your competition.

2. Estimating Marketplace

One of the biggest reasons that pros turn to landscape software is to help with their estimates. Failing to have an accurate picture of your bids and actuals can lead to thousands of dollars of lost profit each year. To that end, LMN is ready to help with our Estimating Marketplace.

The Estimating Marketplace allows you to use the material catalog to more effectively price out your jobs based on what they will cost. Accurate pricing is uploaded when you need it most to our database.

Another major benefit is the fact that the Estimating Marketplace can connect you to a trusted network of suppliers, meaning that you can handle procurement quicker all on one single platform.

3. User Experience

As many as 85% of customers significantly weigh reviews from others before deciding to invest in a product. So, to that end, let’s show you some verified reviews from LMN’s satisfied customers.

“When running a small business you have to take on many roles. With the help from using LMN software, our business runs so much smoother from routes to estimates. We highly recommend giving them a shot.” -Richey P.

“It’s fundamentally the most powerful software program I have ever used. The ability to control your numbers using their bidding and estimating software is unlike anything else. It lets me run through different scenarios prior to turning in my estimates. It’s changed the way we operate.” -Stanley G.

“This is a great product. They have streamlined all you need to help you run your business efficiently and productively.” -Christopher H.

“Based on their values, the staff, the Build a Better Landscape Business workshop, and the software itself, I knew LMN was the right fit for us. I think we have now been using LMN for close to 10 years and we do not plan on changing anytime soon.” -Barney N.

Landscape business software plays a lot of roles in overall business success, and when it comes to best-in-slot options, LMN is the number one choice. Reach out to us today if you have more questions about our FREE software, workshops, academy, and white-glove customer on-boarding.

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