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Grow Your Snow Removal Business With LMN’s Customer Portal

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Right now is a critical period for snow removal businesses. Now marks the time when you are planning for the season, from hiring to securing and managing essential snow removal equipment.

All of these different factors, on top of customer satisfaction concerns, requires a modern solution. This is where snow removal business software comes into play, to take your business to the next level. From all the options out there, the LMN Customer Portal is the ideal option for your company. Here’s a closer look as to why.

Why Use Snow Removal Business Software?

You may be wondering why a snow removal business may need software at all. Here’s a closer look at some key reasons that help you stand out from the rest:

Competition: Your local snow removal competitors may not have invested in this tech, which gives you a great moment to get ahead. It’s best that you be proactive so you can adopt the software at your own pace.

Efficiency: Having to call a customer every time you have an update or they have a question for you cuts out time that could be used for a dozen different tasks. The LMN Customer Portal takes all this work online.

Satisfaction: When you save time and energy, that gives you more of each to dedicate to your customers. This is key for creating those “for-life” customers that every snow removal business needs to succeed.

Benefits of LMN’s Customer Portal

Now that we’ve established the need for snow removal business software, let’s talk about what makes the LMN Customer Portal so essential. This new offering is fresh for the 2020 season, originally launched in April for the green landscaping season. They key benefits include:

Simplicity: When your customers use our software, they have a simple, but effective way to look at the progress of your work. This includes live tracking and updates as well as the ability to view and pay their invoices online. This makes it possible to have their snow removal handled entirely remotely, allowing more convenience than ever.

Unparalleled functionality: On top of being easier to use, the Customer Portal lets you provide a better quality of service. Photo sharing, the ability to pay with a credit card, all of these are unique assets to make your service more effective and versatile.

Cut down unneeded communications: Many industry vets remember the old days of interfacing with customers. Constantly dealing with calls from customers while on other jobs during a snow event, analyzing invoices for inaccuracies, it’s both inefficient and frustrating. Our Customer Portal means that you can spend more time working and less time with communication.

Build customer retention: Every snow removal business wants its customers to become customers for life, and that means top-notch service. Our platform lets you showcase that. Providing them all the information they need in real-time, making payment easier, supplying site photos. When customers experience all these benefits, they won’t have a need for conventional contractors anymore.

Mobile function: Our portal is completely functional on mobile devices, opening up a whole new set of potential customers.

Making Your Snow Removal Business Software More Effective

At LMN, we understand that it can be difficult to onboard your existing teams onto new snow removal business software. This applies even more if it’s your first time using any type of customer portal. However, we have the tools to help you. To start, there are several webinars available for business owners and crews to better understand how they can use the Customer Portal. For further industry training on relevant topics like Time Tracking and Estimating Contracts, our LMN Academy classes are the perfect fit. Finally, if you ever need help or troubleshooting for your Customer Portal software, our support staff is always available.

Does this sound like the ideal fit for you and your business needs? LMN is here to help you with our Customer Portal software. We are looking forward to helping your business ahead of this year’s snow season.

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