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Local Marketing Tips For Landscapers

Google My Business for Landscape Pros and Why You Should Care

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Did you know Google My Business can be more powerful than your website when it comes to getting more customers and leads? If you are lawn and landscape business depending on your local neighborhoods and community, this is a fact.

“Your customers are finding what they need on Google’s first page. That’s why Google My Business is so important,” said Neil Patel, one of the top influencers on the web and New YourK Times best-selling author.

As a landscaping business, chances are that your customers are primarily local. These are the customers that may turn to you for monthly or weekly service and are the revenue sources that you can rely on year after year. Naturally, building that base should be one of your top priorities. Many people focus on building up positive reviews to increase their local profile, and that is helpful. However, you also want to get your business in front of as many local customers as possible, and that’s where Google My Business comes into play. Here’s why utilizing Google My Business is one of the best local marketing tips for landscapers.

What Is Google My Business? Why Should Landscapers Use It?

Google My Business for landscapers

Google My Business is essentially Google’s take on the classic online directory. If you do a Google search for a business either by name or by keywords (landscapers near me), you can be directed to a Google My Business listing. Rather than directing you to a website, this listing can have a variety of different information, including:

  • Address (and Google Maps location)
  • Operating hours
  • Images
  • Reviews

Right now, Google Search is the #1 method that local customers are going to use to find landscape businesses, so you want to be sure to have your Google My Business listing up and running. This is especially important in the age of mobile devices. Some companies with low budgets opt for a website that runs fine on computers, but poorly on mobile. This is cutting off a large swath of potential customers. However, with a fully optimized Google My Business listing, customers can get all the information they need, give you a call, or even find out how to show up in person from their phone.

How To Improve Google My Business For Landscapers

Google My Business for landscapers

Now, let’s look into some local marketing tips for landscapers trying to get the most out of Google My Business.

Complete the profile: Marketing novices may think that they can just claim their listing, add a section for reviews, and they will start reaping the local SEO benefits. This is far from the case. The more details you add to your listing, the higher it’s going to rank in those all-important searches. So, add as much information as you possibly can, including some of the more involved sections like Products/Services and Category/Attributes. Even consider doing a few professional photos to fill out the listing.

Check and double-check contact info: Make sure your terminology on the profile and your website completely matches. You also want to make sure that the address appears exactly the same (street vs. st., etc.).

Try to build up a review profile: Google considers reviews one of the top factors in their overall ranking, so you want to make sure that you act accordingly. This means making sure there’s an easy way to leave reviews from your website, as well as responding to any reviews that are left on your profile.

Take advantage of new featuresEarlier this year, Google added some new attributes people can put on their listing. This helps differentiate yourself further and get more interest in your profile. These attributes include Online Care and Online Classes. These don’t necessarily apply to most landscapers, but they do make it clear that your profile needs to be regularly audited and updated. Something that ranks well at first may not always rank well.

When it comes to local marketing tips for landscapers, using Google My Business is a great launchpad for your efforts. However, you still need to make sure that you have the means to effectively capitalize on the new customer attention it gives you.

This is where LMN and its software suite comes into play. Make use of our Customer Portal software to allow your customers to see the progress of your work in real-time, as well as simplify payment and communication. Use our business management tools to simplify estimation, dispatching, and time tracking. Complete the modernization of your landscaping business with our help.

Image credits: Michael Flaugh Landscape Architect

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