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10 Ways LMN’s Landscape Estimating Marketplace Helps Reach More Contractors

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Just like Amazon and eBay helps bring buyers and sellers together, LMN’s Landscape Marketplace makes it more efficient for its workforce of 85,000 landscapers to research, find, and purchase supplies without leaving the LMN platform. The days of placing paper, phone or manual orders are fading with the rise of the digitally fluent landscape industry, in particular millennials.

According to reports by 2025, millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce; by 2020, Gen Zers will make up 20% of the workforce.

Any supplier servicing the landscaping business understands the importance of landscape business estimates. All landscape contractors need to understand what sourcing plants and other materials will cost them so they can do their pricing appropriately. Failure to estimate means the likelihood increases of jobs becoming unprofitable. The supplier who can provide the best estimates on this end is the best partner for their customers.

This is why LMN has created the LMN Estimating Marketplace. This platform allows suppliers like nurseries to sell directly to landscape business owners, listing their prices on a greater marketplace. This is an essential tool to help create accurate landscaper business estimates. So, with that said, here are ten ways you can use the LMN Estimating Marketplace to extend your outreach to a whole new set of customers.

1. Cost Savings

Naturally, one of the biggest fears your potential contractor may have is investing in another costly piece of equipment. However, the marketplace is available for free to contractors. As a result, it’s a lot easier to reach out to small businesses that need supplies but have smaller budgets. On the supplier end, we price the LMN Estimating Marketplace based on the business’s size and location. It’s charged monthly with no long-term commitment. However, you do save if you sign up for 12 months.

2. Uniqueness

If a supplier isn’t using the LMN Estimating Marketplace, then they don’t have a comparable product at all. No other landscaping business software has this service. As a result, you can promise additional functionality and accurate landscaper business estimates to your prospects.

3. Direct Connection

Rather than forcing contractors to work through proxies and lose time, the LMN Estimating Marketplace lets suppliers directly showcase their entire product lineup. This helps save time both in managing inventory and responding to competitor pricing.

4. Specialization

Compared to other estimation platforms, our Marketplace is the only feature of its time on the market completely embedded in a business management software platform, exclusively catered to landscaper needs.

5. Material Catalog

One of the major flaws of other estimating software is that it can be difficult to get estimated prices for individual materials quickly. Our integrated material catalog makes it easier for your clients to assemble landscaper business estimates faster.

6. Time Savings

From a contractor’s perspective, the act of procurement generally includes seeking out various suppliers, hoping they have what they need, then going through the process of sending purchase orders and waiting for a response. Our service helps avoid these issues.

7. Up-To-Date Pricing

Many contractors fear coming to rely on estimating software is based around out-of-date pricing, especially as prices for different materials can shift over time. Our network is continuously updated to make sure your customers are confident in the figures they are given.

8. Creating New Sales Channels

Many contractors, especially smaller ones, limit themselves to a few new local suppliers due to a lack of industry knowledge. Our platform makes it easier for suppliers to get their name and product list out there. We service over 85,000 landscapers.

9. Better Control

Our platform allows suppliers full control over how to add their products and set their pricing. You can also look into API integration for a more sophisticated methodology.

10. Faster Response

Email tag and phone tag are frustrating for contractors and suppliers alike. Keep all your communications on the LMN Estimating Marketplace to simplify the whole process.

Ready to start reaping some of these benefits as a landscape supplier? We are ready to help at LMN, the #1 business management software for landscapers by landscapers.

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