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Freeze out your competition by using LMNs software to organize, estimate, and plan for profitable and efficient snow management this season.

The most successful snow business operators aren’t lucky, they’re prepared.

When big winter weather systems hit, it’s hard to service all of your customers, let alone answer their calls across dozens of snow plowing jobs. Keeping on top of a busy snow season while making sure your snow and ice removal company stays profitable is difficult in the best of times, let alone with rising prices eating into your potential profits. LMN designed its industry leading snow removal software to help you manage valuable time and resources for your snow and ice removal company. Join thousands of snow and ice business owners across North America who use snow removal software to provide a service experience that keeps customers coming back winter after winter.

Find out how LMN Pro’s Features help you plan for profit.


Close more sales and ensure you’re making a profit on every snow removal estimate with our digital estimating tool. Whether you offer seasonal, per visit, or hourly work, we got you covered with snow estimating templates that allow you to make estimates in minutes. Use the LMN estimating marketplace to get real-time pricing for your materials like road salt so you never lose out with inaccurate estimates.

Invoicing & Payments

Create and deliver snow removal invoices to your customers in a matter of minutes. Generate accurate invoices based on live timesheet data and send them to your customers right away so that you get paid on-time. Save yourself hours spent delivering snow plowing invoices and chasing down payments with our digital payment system to manage all of your customer billing needs.

Route Optimization

Enter the sites in your route and LMN will auto-calculate the most efficient route order and driving directions from start to finish.

QuickBooks Integration

Instantly sync estimates, invoices & timesheets into QuickBooks for complete job costing & payroll in 20 min or less!


Plan for success with a winning snow business budget to help you keep on track with your profit goals. Get a view into your business with a robust budget that can show you the best profit markup and margin rates to meet your business goals. 

Customer Portal

Use our customer portal to stay on top of your customer communications and share details of the job to make sure everyone is in the know. Say goodbye to time spent assembling snow job binders and help reduce insurance liability costs, like slip and fall claims, with accurate reporting on work done. Upload site maps, job files and photos so that your snow crews and subcontractors are set up for success during those long nights of snow plowing and salting roads. 

Live Tracking & Mobile Timesheets

Improve customer service and operations with live, real-time tracking of staff locations and job statuses. Your staff will always be in the know 24/7. LMN’s mobile timesheet app for snow lets operators clock-in and out from any smart device (phone, tablet, laptop). Enjoy real time tracking of job & payroll hours! Every time a snow operator punches in/out of a jobsite, it’s GPS verified so you and your customers know your crews are where they said they are through our snow plow record keeping. Track more than just hours for payroll.


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Customers reviews

"Using LMN time to punch-in and out of properties has been huge! This is a great way for us to bill and track long term as questions arise. Using LMN has reduced our liability as we are able to keep detailed records including photos. "
Ben Fisk
from Fisk Lawnscapes
"In our snow first season, we estimate LMN Time saved us over $8,000 in payroll costs and another $4,000 in vehicle GPS contracts. It's transformed our field operations, our customer service and the accuracy and efficiency of our billing. Our office is done with paperwork forever."
Maggie S

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