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File & Photo Storage

Stop storing documents all over the place. Instantly upload files and photos to your CRM so that all of your customer information is in one spot.

Impress Your Customers

  • Unlimited file & photo storage.
  • Increase your likelihood of closing a sale by showcasing previous job photos as part of customer presentations.
  • Build-up your portfolio with customer before and after photos.

Digital Job Binders

Save some trees and stop printing all of your job plans, specifications, and routes. Attach all of your documents to each job so that your crews can view digital job binders right from their mobile device or tablet.

Job Files & Photos

Protect Your Company

  • Are you a snow contractor? Take pre-season site photos for insurance purposes so that nothing comes back to bite you in the butt.
  • Proof that your crews were onsite, with time and date stamped photos.
  • Upload site maps for crews so that they know exactly where obstacles are and where they should be piling snow.

Customer Invoicing (Automated)

Most of the time, landscape jobs don’t go according to plan. There is always extras or changes that come into play which sends you on a hunt for a ton of your favorite thing – paperwork.

Automated Invoicing

  • Invoice the way you want! Bill by the hour, per visit and for monthly payments. If you need to bill for materials used on site – we can do that too!
  • Setup payment schedules ahead of time so that you don’t miss collecting payments. No one wants to give their services away for free.
  • Save hundreds of hours in your invoicing process by automatically triggering invoices based on timesheet data. Once a crew marks a service complete, or enters material used onsite, LMN instantly triggering an invoice with those items on it so that you don’t have to go searching for what needs to be billed.

Batch Invoicing / Online Payments / QuickBooks Integration

  • Invoice in minutes not days by generating multiple invoices at once for all of your customers. Take your maintenance work for example – one customer with 12 monthly payments, multiply that by 25 customers = 300 invoices.
  • Never get behind on invoicing again. Get paid on-time by sending customer invoices ahead of the payment date. Better yet, send them to the customer portal so that you get paid 10x faster.
  • Easily manage invoices & payments by directly importing them into QuickBooks for bookkeeping.

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