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Product Update – Pro 24.02 & Crew 1.2 Release

We’re excited to announce the latest software update for LMN Pro and LMN Crew. Let’s walk through some of the highlights! 

See the full release notes for more detail.

Drive Time

When it comes to punching in and out of drive time, every second counts – especially for companies with large maintenance routes. To make this process easier and more efficient, we’re introducing a new Drive Time task category, allowing crew leads to punch in and out with just a few taps. You can set this up in a NonProduction job type.

To help crews in the field, we’ve added the option to automatically display drive time on their dashboard.  You can enable this in Settings.

Tracking drive time separately also paves the way for upcoming analytical reports on drive time – so you can compare route efficiency and track overall time spent driving.

Enhanced Absent or Late Notes

Crew leads marking a crew member as Late or Absent can now add notes connected to that absence – adding additional detail and context for the timesheet reviewer.

These notes will automatically sync with the LMN Browser version.

Skip and Reschedule Services

Not every skipped visit is the same. Improve the communication between your crew leads and office by using notes.

In the Crew app, crew leads can now leave notes when marking a visit as skipped as well as marking the skipped visit to be rescheduled. This information appears within the LMN web app and lets your operations team know that they need to set up a new time.

Invoice Analytics Dashboards

Knowing your invoicing numbers – like current overdue amounts or the number of invoices pending – is critical when ensuring your cashflow stays healthy.

We’ve added three powerful new dashboards to your Analytics view, which can be found under the brand-new invoicing menu subsection.

  • Invoice overview: Pull up a filtered group of invoices and view important action items like overdue accounts, top accounts with remaining balances, and the total invoice amount broken out by invoice status.
  • Invoice Aging: Break out filtered invoices by the number of days since the invoice date. This allows you to get a high-level understanding of how quickly your team is capturing anticipated revenue
  • Invoice LIsting: Just like Estimate Listing and Job Listing reports, this provides you with the details of each filtered invoice in an exportable table.

Remember to check out the full release notes! And if you have any feedback or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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