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Achieving Exponential Growth: Effective Cold Calling Tactics

Growing your customer base effectively takes a lot of planning. You can’t rely on referrals or other passive forms of customer acquisition, you’ve got to go out and find new customers. And if you don’t make a plan, you’re going to waste a lot of time getting hung up on and doors shut in your face.

Cold calling isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Not only do you need to show how your company is different from any other landscape company, you’ve got to tailor each pitch to the specific customer. Your customer doesn’t want to hear a generic plan that you show everyone, they want to see that your company will help them achieve their wants and needs. 

In this week’s webinar, you’ll learn how to identify the right customers to cold call, effective tactics to start the conversation, and how to create proposals that make sense for your company and put a smile on the customer’s face. LMN Founder and CEO Mark Bradley will share his experience and his process for finding and signing the right customers.

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