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Join our webinar to explore specialized cold calling tactics designed exclusively for landscape contractors. Learn how to target property managers, and homeowners and HOA’s with precision.

Discover effective methods for building a high-quality contact list, crafting compelling cold call scripts, and showcasing your landscaping expertise. Dive into objection-handling techniques specific to landscaping and discover how to measure success. Elevate your client acquisition strategies and fuel the growth of your landscape contracting business with this must-attend webinar.

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Speaker Bio

Mark Bradley

Founder & CEO

Mark Bradley, CEO of Landscape Management Network (LMN), has over 25 years experience building successful landscaping businesses and technology platforms. Before co-founding LMN, Mark built and grew TBG Landscape into one of the Top-100 landscape contractors in North America. As a sought-after speaker and business coach, Mark is passionate about educating the industry and committed to transforming talented landscaping professionals into better business owners.

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