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The most successful snow business operators aren’t lucky, they’re prepared. If you’re ready for a record-breaking winter, it’s time to register for a snow operations workshop!

When the big systems hit, it’s hard to service all of your customers, let alone answer their calls. Top-performing snow operators know how to keep customers coming back year after year.

Join thousands of snow and ice business owners across North America who use technology to provide a service experience that keeps customers coming back winter after winter.

What Will I Learn How To Do?

  • Implement a winning, repeatable sales process for your snow business
  • Identify high-performing marketing channels
  • Love your numbers (because they show you costs and opportunities!)
  • Cover snow equipment, labor, and overhead costs and still price work for a profit
  • Develop competitive and lucrative pricing systems
  • Create easily accessible snow response plans for each job site
  • Prevent equipment loss and slip & fall issues
  • Optimize your snow operations

What you need to participate:

LMN FREE account (required to participate) - Don’t have an LMN Account? Its’ easy! Sign up for a FREE account today. www.golmn.com/free

Please note: this is a live session led by LMN's CEO Mark Bradley. Please come ready to learn and ask questions!

A landscaping life video series
hosted by Stanley "the Dirt Monkey" Genadek

Throughout this series, Stanley dives deep with various guests on the untold stories of operating a business in the green industry and what they've had to overcome and achieve to grow and sustain their company along the way.


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Thursdays at 12pm-1pm EDT

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With simple changes to business operations and management, we will show you how you can drastically increase profit. This workshop will change the way you think about your business!

Over 1,300 landscape & snow contractors have attended the LMN Live Virtual Workshop series - keep up with the competition by signing up today.

This is an interactive session, please make sure you're logged into your LMN account during the workshop - don't have an account?

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In less than 4 hours you will learn how to:

  • Attract and manage the customers you’ve always wanted
  • Forecast next year's profit
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Set wages and bonus incentives for staff
  • Understand how much to invest in equipment
  • Create profitable markups for estimating
  • Use estimates to develop project plans & create accountability

The Ultimate Strategic Plan

Mark will be leading the ultimate strategic planning program directed at owners and all senior managers in their respective companies. Office Staff, Operations Managers, Designers, Estimators, Account Managers, Sales, and Crew Foremen are welcome to attend as we have put together premium content catered to their positions within many of the sessions.

Catch Mark Bradley, co-founder & CEO of LMN and industry veteran for this 7 part series starting February 4th.

Best of all, ITS FREE!
  • Owners will learn how to lead the charge and gain the confidence of the team while staff master necessary skills to support change and what it means to be a superstar employee.
  • Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of strategic business planning and how taking ownership of their landscape careers can quickly lead to great improvements.
  • Collaboration is key in these events.

The Ultimate Strategic Plan

February 4th
12pm to 1pm EST

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Building Teams Strategy

February 11th
12pm - 1pm EST

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Sales Strategy

February 18th
12pm - 1:30pm EST

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Organizational Strategy

March 4th
12pm - 1pm EST

[Learn more]
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Waste Elimination Strategy

March 11th
12pm - 1pm EST

[Learn more]
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People Strategy

March 18th
12pm - 1:00pm EDT

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Your Strategic Plan

March 25th
12pm - 1pm EST

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