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Company Culture Is the Way It Is: Are You Happy With Yours?

Perks are nice, but what really affects company culture is the way your company operates.

You can throw all the parties and cater all the lunches you want, but if employees feel as though they aren’t valued, that they don’t have any input into their jobs, and don’t get regular feedback, they’d probably say the company culture is pretty bad. And a bad culture is why employees leave.

Being a landscaper is hard work. It can take a physical and mental toll on everyone. You can’t really make the work any less tough or exhausting, so how do you improve your culture while still serving your customers?

Instead of relying on the “extras” you can provide, focus on helping employees build their skill set and work towards their career goals. Give your team members a career pathway so they can see how to grow within the company. Offer training opportunities so they can improve their craft. Recognize when an employee or team is hitting all of their productivity goals. 

By aligning their work with recognition and growth, you can improve employee culture without a single pizza party. 

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