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CRM Blog Series #3 – Employee Accountability

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Welcome to the final part of the three-part series covering why LMN’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is one of the most important tools not found in your toolshed. To see part one, click HERE, part two, click HERE to see how a CRM can bring organization to your company.

Reason 3: Employee Accountability

LMN’s CRM can bring wonders with respect to managing your customers and sales, but another crucial area where it can play a key role for you company: your staff. Ownership can and will do whatever it takes to make their company succeed, but often times, this sense of drive and urgency dilutes as it passes through each level of staff within the company. Here’s how our CRM will unify and strengthen a team to band as one.

Set deadlines with To-Do’s.

Task delegation is critical process that a company must employ to establish success and growth. But an assigned task is only worthwhile if there is proper follow-up to ensure it has been fulfilled to completion. With LMN’s CRM, you can assign a To-Do to a specified employee with instructions and a set deadline. That employee is sent an instant notification once this To-Do has been assigned; and most importantly, you are also updated when this To-Do has been completed. Dashboards within your CRM will allow you to keep track of pending, completed and overdue To-Do’s with ease.

Keep your superstars; address the stragglers.

As your company continues to grow, keeping tabs on your staff (in particular your salespeople) can easily slip away and be left to review/address whenever is convenient. By that point, the damage has already been done and trying to quantify the impact of carrying that employee(s) can be a worrisome task. Well, worry no more. You can track your salespeople live, throughout the season to give you hard data for your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings with your staff.

A little healthy competition doesn’t hurt.

Employee engagement is an important competency to keep your staff happy and retain your superstars. By providing your staff with a CRM to own their accounts and have access to useful reports to track their closing rates, your superstars can now be their own ‘mini-owners’. Healthy competition amongst your staff can turn your sales floor into a breeding ground for success. LMN’s CRM will provide you with closing rates by percentage and revenue across your departments, estimators and salespeople.

Employee accountability is a key trait required for a company to continue to grow and achieve success. Closing reports to track your staff’s performance within LMN’s CRM will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions with respect to staff management. Take a look at how LMN’s built-in CRM will achieve this for you and your company:

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