Webinar: Job Costing Overview and Best Practices | LMN

Webinar: How to Increase Profits with Job Costing

Having clear visibility into profit throughout a job’s entire lifecycle is critical to growing revenue and staying competitive in the landscape or lawn care industries. That’s why the best landscaping companies use job costing: the ability to track, identify and compare all estimated costs to actual revenue and to identify which jobs and people generate the most profit for your company.

Join CTO, Mike Lysecki, to learn how job costing will help you win more profitable work, improve estimate accuracy, and reduce waste. He’ll walk you through the new job costing tool and show you how to get started today!
In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • How to use job costing in LMN
  • How to see which jobs are profitable and which need adjustments
  • Actionable tips to help you job cost efficiently and effectively
Mike Lysecki
Co-founder & CTO

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Mark Bradley, co-founder & CEO of LMN

Mark Bradley, CEO of Landscape Management Network (LMN), has over 20 years’ experience building successful landscaping businesses and technology platforms. Before co-founding LMN, Mark built and grew TBG Landscape into a $50M business and into one of the Top 100 landscape contractors in North America. As a sought-after speaker and business coach, Mark is passionate about educating the industry and committed to transforming talented landscaping professionals into better business owners.