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Introducing Job Costing

Increase Profits, Estimate Accurately, Eliminate Spreadsheets

  • Increase Profitability
  • Estimate Accurately
  • Optimize Staff
  • Reduce Overspending

Job Costing Benefits

  • Gain A True View Into Your Profitability: Stop guessing where you’re making a profit (and where you’re not). Job costing instantly shows a true view of which jobs are on budget, and which jobs need attention before they become problems.
  • Improve Estimate Accuracy: Compare estimated costs and quantities with actuals from previous jobs, so you can make future estimates more profitable for similar work.
  • Track Yearly Financial Goals: Never lose sight of your budgeting goals by using reporting tools and a budgeting dashboard to view live progress. Track milestones and make adjustments to stay on track throughout the year as needed.
  • Reduce Overspending and Materials Waste: Track job costs by materials, equipment, and labor hours to identify which areas you may be overspending, helping your business take the necessary steps in reducing wasteful costs.
  • Optimize Staff Efficiency: Clearly understand which crews, salespeople, and estimators are generating the most value within your business. Know your numbers to find opportunities where new equipment or a change in staffing could extract more profit in your future work.

Job Costing Features

  • Vendor bills for material costs
  • Track actual net profit including job costs and overhead
  • Accurate, automated labor costing from Timesheets
  • Simple manual adjustments for inventory and equipment costing

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