Budgeting & Estimating Tools

Plan for profit through strong financial planning and accurate estimates

Increase Profitability

Reduce Financial Waste

Build Customer Trust

Custom Estimating Templates

Budgeting Benefits

Plan For Profitability: Get a full view into your finances from labor costs, materials, and even indirect costs like overhead. Uncover efficiencies, sunken costs like unexpected equipment repairs, and opportunities to strengthen your profit margins.

Uncover Your Indirect Costs Of Business: There are more costs than just your labor or materials spend. Plan profitability around covering indirect overhead costs when selling work, and budget for that in yearly budgets and each job.

Track Yearly Financial Goals: Never lose sight of your budgeting goals by using reporting tools and a budgeting dashboard to view live progress. Track milestones and make adjustments to stay on track throughout the year as needed.

Budget For The Best And Worst Case Scenario: Don’t let your optimism or pessimism stand in the way of sound business decisions. Simulate “what if” financial scenarios to better inform key business decisions, like equipment purchases or employee hires.

Measure Against The Rest Of The Industry: Compare your budget against LMN-exclusive industry benchmarks to determine where you may be over or underspending for labor, materials, and equipment.

Estimating Features

Boost Profitability With Quick & Easy Estimates: Win more work by getting the jump on your competitors and being the first estimate in your customer’s hands. 

Build Customer Trust Through Accuracy & Transparency: Build trust with your customers by delivering transparent and accurate proposals. Track every material used on site, get accurate GPS site measurements, and minimize the chance of over or underestimating work.

Reduce Estimating Time Using Custom Templates: Bid on jobs faster through pre-made common service templates using LMN’s Estimating Template Tool. LMN users have saved 35% of their time creating estimates through a library of pre-made or custom templates for common services offered.

Recover Your Operating Costs: Quit paying out of pocket to stay in business by using the estimating tool to auto-apply fixed costs, such as equipment recovery and overhead costs, into every estimate you give to a customer.

Sherry Watts

Impullitti Landscaping

“Once we knew our budget was in our pricing structure was in, everything was it, that it was going to generate the right numbers and from that point forward it built so much trust that we were bidding things consistently from project to project…we’ve never looked back since then”