Finetune your landscape hiring processes and improve your chances of finding and hiring stellar talent by following some helpful tips designed for landscapers by landscapers:

Hire year-round

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again—don’t wait until the busy season to shore up your crews. The likelihood of finding the right people when everyone else is looking isn’t nearly as high as it is when you’re always on the lookout.

Go above and beyond with pay and benefits

Rather than offering market rates, pay a higher hourly rate for skilled labor and offer a more diverse benefits package than your competitors. It should include health insurance, PTO and a retirement plan. What’s even better is to offer extras such as dental insurance, use of a company car, discounts and access to equipment for home use, and paid career development. While it may be tough to fit these costs into your budget, they’ll pay for themselves with higher quality work, happier customers and better retention rates.

“If you pay a little bit more, you get skilled labor and that will increase productivity and drive more sales,” says Bradley. “They may cost more money, but they can get a lot more work done with a lot less supervision and that allows you to quickly scale your business.” 

Offer training opportunities and provide a clear career path

Do you know what happens to employees who apply, get a job and go straight to work without proper orientation or training? It’s likely they feel under-appreciated by their employer, which means they’re more likely to jump ship if another, seemingly better opportunity comes along. 

A proper welcome, training and ongoing skills development helps new hires feel valued and invested in, earning their loyalty. They are more likely to stick around when you offer a career path through an apprenticeship program, and opportunities to upskill themselves to take on greater responsibilities.  

Don’t be afraid to outsource niche areas of your business

Hiring needs can seem endless (and expensive), but you can reduce the costs and the hassles associated with landscape hiring by outsourcing for certain projects or tasks. For instance, instead of hiring and training a specialized trade, consider outsourcing the work to another business that has the resources already in place. 

You can also turn to technology for assistance, investing in equipment or machinery to assist with labor or bolstering your back office with software, such as a business management solution or training platform, to create efficiencies.

Ready to Tackle Landscape Hiring with Newfound Confidence?

Finding and keeping talent are likely to remain top priorities for your landscaping business, but they don’t have to cost you your time and sanity. Taking advantage of the tools and tips we provided in this guide will streamline your landscape hiring processes and yield better results. Your business, your people and your customers will reap the benefits.

Learn how landscape management software can help you anticipate your hiring needs, budget to accommodate competitive salaries, and save you time and money so you can focus on talent acquisition and retention.

Questions? We have Answers.

What are the best practices for landscape hiring to ensure a smooth and efficient recruitment process?

The best practices for landscape hiring include crafting a clear and detailed job description to attract qualified candidates and utilizing industry-specific job boards and social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Additionally, streamline the interview process by being well-prepared and selling not only the job you’re offering, but the company they will be working for.

How can I create a compelling job description to attract top talent in the landscape industry?

To create a compelling job description, highlight the unique aspects of your landscape business, including growth opportunities, company culture and attractive benefits. Clearly outline the required qualifications, key responsibilities and expectations, using industry-specific terminology to convey professionalism and expertise.

What strategies can landscape operators implement to retain skilled employees after a successful hiring process?

To retain skilled employees, landscape operators should offer competitive wages, comprehensive benefits and opportunities for professional growth.

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