Eliminate Costly Estimating Mistakes

Accurate Specifications

Estimating software ensures that product or material specifics are correct up-front before the job is started.

Calculate Material Costs Accurately

Estimating software is much more accurate than calculators, spreadsheets, or scratchpads. LMN estimating software uses real-time supplier pricing for the most accurate estimates.

Necessary Equipment and Items Included

Estimating software always includes all necessary equipment and extra items for a job so they aren’t forgotten.

Accurately Calculate Labor Hours

Software makes sure that labor hours for all tasks are accounted for and not forgotten.

Standardize Pricing

Since estimates can be standardized with software, more staff can create estimates without as much training while maintaining consistent profitability.

Better Inventory Tracking

Software reduces the possibility of a salesperson including materials that aren’t actually in stock.

Create Estimates Anywhere

Estimating apps allow for faster, more accurate estimating on-site or from the office. Sending estimates quickly usually results in more won business.

Save Time Invoicing

Using software to create estimates saves time when invoicing later. On average, you can cut invoicing time by up to 27 hours per month.

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