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Landscape Business Software: Expectations vs. Reality

Landscape Business Software: Expectations vs. Reality

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Landscapers didn’t get into the green or snow industry to sit in front of a computer all day. They know that, and the LMN Team knows it too. While learning new software can be intimidating or seem like a time sink, LMN has established a tried and true training model to keep your business moving from a jog to a sprint.

We’ve identified some pain points that a landscaper thinks when considering business management software for their company. Here are some common expectations when it comes to implementing landscape software.

Landscaper Pain PointsExpectationReality
It’s challenging to systemize my business and get it to a point where I’m confident to grow the company and hire more peopleI’ll subscribe to business management software and it will magically automate every aspect of my business immediately
Like anything, the more time and energy you invest into building your account, the better the results you and the team will achieve. There isn’t a magic button to fix it all, but it can be your guiding light
Managing people is enough on my plate let alone managing technology and softwareMost of today’s softwares are automated and do all the heavy lifting for you, even when it comes to implementationLMN’s implementation team and training creates an easier path to use business management software to its fullest potential tailored specifically for your business
I’m overwhelmed with how much work I need to do in a single dayI’m going to spend hours on top of my day manually inputting information into a computer programImplementing good processes and templates at the beginning will streamline operations to open up time for other important tasks and future business development
Invoicing is a drag, but an unavoidable necessity to ensure cash flow is on trackSoftware will replace my bookkeeper and accountantHaving a more robust system enhances your team and streamlines invoicing, greatly improving your business cash flow
Administrative work takes time away from getting the “actual” work done. I need to invest my time managing my crewsWith landscape software in place, I can better manage my crews without having to physically be on the jobsiteLMN Time eliminates the need to micromanage crews creating better engagement through detailed scheduling, updates and goals, time tracking, and eliminating time theft
I want to write a variety of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to make my life easier and better manage my crews, but I don’t have the timeBusiness management software will instantaneously solve all my problems and create more consistency in the businessLMN has a library of 700+ SOP templates to standardize routine business operations in the field and in the office
Most business management software doesn’t integrate with my current systems in placeThere is no true do-it-all system to manage my business and my crews. I will need multiple different softwaresLMN offers a wide variety of tools past budgeting and estimating. Users can order through the Estimating Marketplace, access administrative documents, Quickbooks integration, and custom services
I purchase equipment and hire people on an as-needed basis. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’tBusiness management software is essentially a calculator that tells me when I could buy equipment and hire new staffLMN has budgeting tools to show you what metrics it will take for your business to grow to a point where you can add new equipment, staff, and make more informed decisions
Collecting pay takes too much time and effort after the job is doneI will be able to generate an invoice for a client through LMN and then collect from them later, or wait a few weeks for a cheque to arrive in the mailSave hours physically visiting clients to collect payments by processing invoices through Quickbooks or through the LMN Portal

Implementing business management software into your landscaping business doesn’t have to be scary. The LMN Team can help find the right fit for you no matter the company size or what stage in growth your landscape business is in.

Get in touch with the LMN Team to figure out how you can take the first steps towards building a better landscape or snow business.

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