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Implementing a Sales & Marketing Plan for Your Landscape Business: Part 2 of 3

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Business Advice

by: Catwoman

Part of a new series of blog posts from the Super Heroes on the LMN Support Team.


We are all aware that in business, image is everything. Don’t take this for granted. You’ll find yourself attracted to like minded businesses and people – those who really speak to your core message. It can be as simple as an image, color scheme on your vehicles, or the way you package the services your business offers. These are all extraordinary approaches to separate your business from the competition.

Consider branding your business in alignment with the services you offer. Better yet, try creating subsidiaries of your services. Try rebranding and adding to your existing services offered. An example of this could be to create an “Outdoor Décor Package” and add optional Christmas Urn + Lighting to increase revenue.

Branding is important to create an impression of your business that goes way past the run of the mill view of landscaping businesses. They’ll have to contend against one another, taking into account price. For instance, imagine providing different levels of packages – bronze, gold, platinum. You’d have the opportunity to then offer other customized levels of services you offer. Give your weekly maintenance visits a package title, such as “Weekly Tune-Up”. It may be as easy as bundling your existing services, but how many times have you made a purchase based on your gut feeling that it was the best option. It’s conceivable that you saw it along these lines due to the way it was named and branded, and those who endorsed it. Ensure that branding is working to your advantage as well.

Marketing Kits

Many landscape contractors erroneously use their brochure as the ‘go-to’ tool for marketing purposes. Every business has a brochure, and it has turned out to be so commonly used to the point that it will barely separate you from the opposition. An alternative to your standard brochure is to offer a marketing kit. The marketing kit should contain a several documents to showcase most of the key information your customer needs. You’ll be able to customize your kit for the big prospects and customers you want to land. Sure, it may cost more to make, but it’s well worth the expense when it’s time for your prospective client to review and make a decision. It will be quality and stand out amongst the other marketing materials they have from the competition.

When you’re putting together your marketing kit, be sure to include color photos and details about past projects, as well as certifications – anything relevant to the job. Get some custom folders printed with your logo. Taking this approach will really help you acquire those projects you’re after.

In addition, a great piece to add would be a one-pager that clearly distinguishes the top benefits of choosing to do business with you. Utilizing this basic methodology will be so unique in relation to the competition. Short case studies are also a great way to demonstrate your work. Don’t offering your prospects with too much information off the get-go – simply concentrate on the fundamentals. Your prospects will truly appreciate the ability to relate; it’s verification that your clients get the outcome you’re promising to deliver.

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