Financial Mastery for Landscapers

Are cash flow problems preventing you from growing your business?

It’s a common problem for landscaping companies. They have the business in the pipeline, but don’t have the cash flow to hire additional employees or buy additional equipment to do the work. Many landscapers have to turn down good business opportunities simply because they don’t have the capacity.

Business loans can also be a crapshoot. 70% of small and mid-sized businesses are declined for loans because of a limited financial history, eligibility criteria, collateral requirements, and aversion to perceived risk.

Traditional banks and lenders favor large companies because they can ensure loan repayment and higher yields.

Luckily, there are options for growing companies. 

In this week’s webinar, Jon Fry, CEO and Founder of Lendflow, joined LMN CXO Janna Bradley to discuss how the right financial tools can help business owners manage cash flow and support sustainable growth.

Watch the webinar to learn more. And don’t forget to download our e-book “5 Questions Before Applying for Cash Financing for Your Landscape Business.”

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