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The Cost of Rounding (Time Theft)

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It’s well known within the landscape contracting business that time theft is a problem. The true cost of rounding is felt by all, regardless of company size. As companies start to grow, the same habits are carried over with a force of labor that is constantly expanding. As these crews get larger, old habits continue or get worse and at the end of the year, profit statements simply don’t look as meaty as they should.

This is where job project management and time tracking software comes into play. A system such as LMN’s software can put any landscaping business’ operations into overdrive. Systems get leaner, more effective and efficient leading to inherently more time and of course, greater profit.

Over time, estimates and estimating itself becomes consistent, leaner and extremely profitable. Employees are more accountable, contracts are completed on time, and time theft is virtually non-existent. The companies using the right software can compete economically in a way that their competitors simply can’t match.

So stop using coffee stained paper to record timesheets. Put down the drink  and click this link to find out how much you could save using LMN.

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