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“Clearing the Way to Becoming a Paperless Snow Co.” – Interview with RMF Landscape

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Success Stories

INTERVIEW with RMF Owner Patrick Forbes

Tapping into new ways to improve your company’s productivity, efficiency andsales should always be a top priority for any business owner. For Patrick Forbes, President of RMF Landscape Construction Ltd. (RMF), these goals have become more than achievable – especially when he and his team started using real-time technology.

Patrick, tell us about RMF Landscaping.

RMF was established in 1993. We have dedicated teams that specialize in residential and commercial landscape design and construction, interior design and construction, and year-round grounds maintenance. Our years of industry experience and community involvement have brought us to where we are today. We have a unique perspective in understanding the evolution of our market, as well as the importance of quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. In a nutshell: vibrant, healthy green spaces are our passion!

In the last few years how has RMF adopted technology to achieve the type of success you today?

Great question! We have used LMN for the past five years, and I will honestly say, it has immensely improved our company’s ability and strengths as a whole. The LMN Budgeting tool for example, has taught us the fundamentals of how a budget works and why it’s the back bone of any successful company.

And then, there is the LMN Estimating tool; it works right from the budget and allows us to create detailed proposals fast using our estimate catalogs and template tools. Estimating is such an art form, and to have a system in place was a big turning point for our company.

LMN Time was the next tool that we fell in love with; it eliminated unnecessary paperwork and allowed us to review work at the press of a button. No more waiting for timesheets and then attempting to understand them; it’s all captured through our mobile device and information is always right there at your fingertips.

In what ways has this technology allowed your company to become more efficient?

The cost savings alone and being able to estimate jobs correctly and on time is huge. Our down time has decreased, we have become more productive, and most importantly our profits have gone up.

Can you give us an example of a certain project you worked on, where your team was more efficient?

One of RMF’s great success stories would involve our Winter Maintenance Division. We use LMN’s quoting systems and attended one of their Paperless Snow Co. workshops and by doing this, our Winter Maintenance Division had an explosive year. We were able to reclaim information that we never accounted for in the past and using LMN’s budget platforms and quoting templates, our sales increased 300% with an overall profit margin of 33%…now that’s amazing!

With explosive growth comes growing pains and challenges. How has real-time technology been able to help your company overcome these obstacles?

One of RMFs largest challenges has been the integration with QuickBooks. Like a lot of companies, we used QuickBooks for payroll along with our paper timesheets and it was very time consuming. It involved 2-3 days of payroll work and now, all we have to do is import everything directly from LMN and it’s done. Our cost of doing payroll was significantly reduced. We all want to cut out some of the waste in this industry when it comes to certain processes, and LMN has allowed us to do that.

I think you hit on an important message — cutting waste and saving time. With the upcoming snow season right around the corner, can you describe how RMF will thrive during this busy time of year?

LMN is crucial for us to move forward; with minimal to no hiccups throughout the winter season. LMN is the only quoting system we have found to include everything we have looked for when combining quoting processes — for either residential or commercial locations.

The options are endless using LMN’s “service” or “standard” quoting templates to save time; RMF has increased our profits by being precise and accounting for every penny. The crews are overwhelmingly happy with the accessibility to snow routes that are put together in the office with all information needed to do the job right. LMN will never lie about location, time or date when maintaining or monitoring any type of situation. LMN has been so efficient that RMF has basically eliminated all time sheets and quoting by paper, which has easily has saved hundreds of dollars in and out of the office.

Any words of advice for other owners out there looking to maximize their profits?

“LMN has taught us how to run a business properly! Using the entire set of tools offered in their software, attending their workshops and using their free support has really been crucial in the growth of RMF. Check back in with us at the end of the snow season and I will have great stats to share with you!”’

RMF Landscaping was established in 1993. We have dedicated teams that specialize in residential and commercial landscape design and construction, interior design and construction, and year-round grounds maintenance. We service Aurora, Newmarket, York Region and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. For more info, visit:

Developed by landscape contractors for landscape contractors, LMN’s online tools, systems, workshops and training modules offer one-of-a-kind access to drive productivity and profit. LMN proudly offers budgeting, estimating and mobile timesheet software giving business owners the unique ability to get the most out of their landscaping business. For more information please visit:


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