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LMN Releases All-New ‘4 o’clock 4’ App for Smartphones

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LMN Releases All-New ‘4 o’clock 4’ App for Smartphones

Sophisticated new application supports execution of daily goals, daily planning, and better communication among crew members.

TORONTO, ON – March 1, 2016 – LMN, the ultimate profit toolbox for landscape contractors, has released an all-new daily planning app, which aims to improve productivity, accountability and communication on job sites.

The 4 o’clock 4 App, originally previewed at the recent LMN Leaders Summit held in Blue Mountain, Ontario in February has been receiving rave reviews from landscape owners and leaders that attended and received the App prelaunch.

Available this morning for free download in the Google Play and Apple Store, the 4 o’clock 4 App offers unique capabilities, and helps crew members plan and manage each work day with ease.

“This latest LMN App is a game-changer in the landscape and snow & ice industry. Your foreman and crew members will now be aware of their daily goals and be much more likely to hit those goals, producing efficient results on your sites,” explains Mark Bradley, CEO of LMN.

By using 4 o’clock 4 App, users will be able to stream-line their work once they answer the following four simple questions:

  • What are your top 3 priorities/goals for tomorrow?
  • What did you get completed today?
  • What obstacles are slowing you down?
  • What do you need from me?

“It’s that simple; once the crew answer those questions, the App sends an email – to whomever at your company is their direct supervisor(s) – and then, everyone will have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, how it needs to be accomplished and when,” Bradley said.

As a result of using 4 o’clock 4 App, users will experience a simple software integration, which focuses on materials, equipment, and the flow of information being presented in a smooth fashion – giving crew members exactly what they need to complete their job.

The goal of the App is to offer a simple way to communicate basic, high-level job updates each and every day. When used, it will boost productivity, force managers to eliminate/reduce waste and obstacles, and improve communication between the field and office.  Bradley continues, “To put it simply: this software will change your productivity habits. It will also have a big impact in the daily efficiency of your entire landscape company.”

Download the press release here 4 o’clock 4 App or to download the free training document to use with your staff, please visit: 4 o’clock 4 App Training.

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