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Why You Need a Lawn Mowing Flyer — Even in the Digital Age

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Creating a lawn mowing flyer to advertise your lawn care business might seem old school. But using a flyer is an effective marketing tool to promote a lawn care business. That’s true whether you offer lawn mowing or extended yard work and landscaping services.

How a Flyer Benefits Your Landscaping Business

We live in the digital age. And you likely take advantage of the reach that the internet offers with a website, social media marketing, and even paid online ads. That’s because the digital world is a quick way to communicate with existing and potential customers

So why bother with traditional print flyers? Well, flyers are an important part of your lawn care marketing strategy. They let you get the word out to the local community without investing a lot of time or budget.

Flyers for cutting grass and yard work can be dropped on door steps and handed to customers at any time or place. They act as ads for your lawn care business, catching customers’ eyes and keeping your company and its services top of mind.

In this guide, we show you how and why a good flyer is a great way to promote your business.  We also include tips and best practices to help you create an effective landscaping flyer to maximize its impact on potential customers and your business success.

The Value of Local Marketing

Local marketing lets you target the people closest to your area of business. It also help you compete directly with other local lawn care businesses who likely use flyers too.

Reach Customers in Your Service Area

With a physical flyer in hand, customers in your target market are made aware or reminded of the services you offer. You can cater your flyer to specific local needs — think regular mowing and trimming, sod removal, or spring or fall turf prep.

Consider including a local promotion on your flyer as an added incentive for customers to choose your business over others. You can offer a percent off for a customer’s first service or for the season when they sign up by a certain date.

Build Community Connections

Advertising locally helps give you a face in your community.

While residential customers may be the main targets for your flyer, it’s good to raise awareness with local businesses. They may be in a position to suggest your business to customers looking for lawn care services. They may need your services themselves — either for their own homes or their business. And they may be interested in partnering with you on local projects or events.

Target Select Demographics

Lawn mowing or lawn care flyers let you pinpoint specific customers.

For example, you can distribute flyers in new housing developments where new homeowners need to maintain their new lawns. You could reach out to areas with higher populations of seniors where people are likely more than happy to give up mowing their own lawns.

Hint: You can find median ages and other demographics for given areas on the U.S. Census Bureau’s Explore Census Data site.

With so many different types of  tasks in the landscaping and groundskeeping industry, it pays to know which responsibilities have higher earning potential, so that you can ensure you don’t lose your new crew member to a better pay scale.

How to Grow Your Customer List Using Lawn Care Flyers

Creating and distributing lawn care flyers doesn’t have to complicated.Here are ideas to get your flyers created and distributed without a lot of hassle.

How to Make a Lawn Care Flyer

There are a variety of quick, easy ways to make your lawn care flyer.

  • Use a free account on Canva, PosterMyWall or a similar online tool to create your lawn care flyer from a premade template.
  • Enlist the services of your local copy shop to design your flyer for you.
  • Make your own in Google Docs.

You can print your flyer at your local copy shop (think UPS or FedEx) or an online printer for as little as 2 to 3 cents a piece.

Enlist Your Copy Shop, Local Teens or Your Own Crews to Deliver Your Flyers

Once you have your flyers, you can have them mailed or hand delivered.

Local copy shops, such as FedEx Office, offer access to direct mail services that mail for you. They can also help you create a targeted list based on customer demographics, such as age, area and/or income.

You can also enlist a local teen or two to distribute them door to door in select neighborhoods or throughout an entire ZIP code or two. You could even tap crew who have downtime to fill in the gap with distribution duties.

Partner with Complementary Businesses

Every landscaping business is unique. Chances are, yours offers some combination of services, from mowing and maintenance, fertilizing and pesticide application, planting and installation, to tree care and irrigation.

Think about partnering with businesses that offer services you don’t and vice versa. Those services might include snow and ice removal, pressure washing and holiday and outdoor lighting. You can work together to create an offer and flyer for a package deal with your combined services.

Local home builders and new developments are also possible customers. They may be willing to distribute your flyer in their model homes or include it in marketing and move-in folders for new residents.

Use Seasonal Promotions and Special Offers

Flyers are a great way to spread the word about short-term promotions, such first mow of the season, fall clean up, spring planting or winter services.

Think about the seasonal services your business does or can offer and create specials to entice customers to use your services. That way, your flyer does double duty, promoting your business and enticing new customers to give you a try.

Use Cutting Grass Flyers to Attract New Customer Groups

Many residential and commercial areas can benefit from lawn mowing service. And they may not be aware of your business. Consider targeting schools, mixed use areas, businesses that have landscaping and sports fields.

Tips and Best Practices for Lawn Mowing Flyer Design

Your flyer represents your company. It needs to stand out from every other business that’s passing out flyers.

Here are some helpful pointers for creating effective flyers.

Make It Look Good

Most flyers are a single page, often with printing on only one side. That one page  has a lot of work to do.

It’s best to use eye-catching visuals, include your company logo and remember to leave some white space. Using too many elements creates a cluttered look that’s anything but appealing.

If you use an online service, like Canva or PosterMyWall, change the copy, change the typeface, even the colors to reflect your own company and ensure your flyer isn’t the one your competitor is using.

Hint: You’re likely not a designer at heart, you’re a landscaper. Consider creating a few flyers and asking friends, family, and neighbors for input. Or put some design options on social media and ask your followers to weigh in.

Highlight Your Unique Selling Point

It’s tempting to cram your flyer with everything you want customers to know about your landscaping business. Resist the urge. Instead focus on one key feature or message you want to promote, such as a stellar service or a seasonal promotion.

A unique selling point can include always being on time, beating any competitors’ price, or exceptional clean up and attention to detail. Use whatever you rely on to make your company stand out.

Include Testimonials and Success Stories

Happy customers are one of your most powerful marketing tools and add valuable credibility to your business.

You can maximize your lawn care flyer by including a customer quote or testimonial. A pull-out or quote box is a nice way to include the testimonial or review without detracting from the goal of your flyer.

Hint: Yelp and other online review sites are a good way to find testimonials for your business. You can also ask customers directly, just be sure to get their permission — preferably in writing — to quote them and use their name.

Include Your Contact Information

Don’t make potential customers work to find you. Make it easy for them by including at least your business name and phone number. Add your website, and e-mail address if possible too.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action

Call-to-action is marketing speak for what you want the customer to do. Use a powerful call to action on your flyer, such as “Call Today,” “Contact Us to Learn More,” or “Contact Us for Special Pricing.”

With a strong call-to-action, your prospective customer will be compelled to, literally, take action

Sample Flyers for Your Lawn Care Businesses

Here are a few samples of flyers your lawn care business might use. These were created starting with templates on Canva and PosterMyWall.

Use Yard Work Flyers to Grow Your Business

Fliers can be an effective way to get new customers — used alone or as part of your marketing mix.

If you find you need a way to easily  handle the success your flyer delivers, look into LMN landscape business management software. It can help you estimate jobs, schedule one-time and recurring jobs, track time sheets, do payroll and invoice your customers quickly, efficiently, and with a single tool. You can even try LMN for free.

Questions? We have Answers.

How do you make a flyer for cutting grass?

There are a variety of quick, easy ways to make a lawn care flyer. You could make your own in Google Docs. You can use a free account on a service such as  Canva or PosterMyWall that offer premade, editable lawn care flyer templates.

You can enlist the services of your local copy shop to design your flyer for you. Or you can hire a graphic designer or local marketing shop to steer you in the right direction or provide a turnkey flyer that’s ready to distribute or mail.

Best practices include using one key selling point, visually appealing graphics, a clear call to action and including contact information.
You can print your flyer at your local copy shop or an online printer yourself. If you use a designer or marketer, they can handle printing, and even distribution, for you.

How can I promote my lawn-mowing business?

Successful lawn mowing businesses rely on a mix of traditional and digital marketing tactics to promote their businesses. The most popular marketing tools for landscapers include flyers, brochures, direct mail, and social media ads. Here’s a handy guide to help you promote your landscaping business.

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