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Strategies for Crew Upskilling

How much more profitable would your business be if you could reduce your employee turnover rate? 

Many landscape companies – and pretty much all companies – find themselves in a constant cycle of losing seasoned workers and hiring new people. Besides there being a huge risk of knowledge loss, searching for employees is time consuming and expensive.

While there will always be turnover, lowering your employee turnover rate allows you to bill more productive time, increasing your revenue per hour. One of the biggest factors of reducing turnover is providing clear career pathways for all employees. When people know how they’re being evaluated and what they need to do to advance in their career, they’re far more likely to stick around.

But what makes a good career pathway?

In this Mastermind Weekly webinar, Greenius Senior Vice President Matt Crinklaw breaks down how you can create a career pathway system that provides clarity to all employees. Matt and Mark Bradley discuss how to build an apprenticeship program that incentivizes employees to hone their craft and build their skills – while staying with your organization.

If you’re having trouble with retention – and even if you aren’t – this webinar is a must-see. You can watch this webinar and all of our weekly webinars on demand. 

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