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LMN’s Monthly Preview: Empowering Landscape Businesses

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At LMN, our goal is to empower landscape business owners across the green industry to successfully grow and sustain their operations, client base, and revenues. To achieve this goal, we chose to go beyond just our suite of popular landscape business management tools and provide our clients with the knowledge and lessons they need to take their landscaping company to the next level. Through virtual workshops and webinars, our team is able to share some insight and advice our experienced guests and teachers have accumulated during their time in the landscaping industry.

Throughout this monthly preview, we hope to highlight some of the excellent programming LMN has scheduled for the month of April. From profit capture to culture building to improved financials, our course list should provide you with the information you need to refine and streamline your landscape business. Below are a few of the landscape webinar series and workshops worth mentioning.

Landscape Webinars With Wow Factor

For entrepreneurs looking to grow their lawn care and landscape business or enter the green industry, there can be many missed opportunities for success. Fortunately, through the reach of LMN’s mobile suite, we have been able to work with a wide range of talented and successful professionals across the landscaping industry who can help identify opportunities and how to take advantage of them.

With our free landscape webinars, you will be able to learn firsthand from some of the industry’s most prominent players. Here are a few upcoming landscape webinars to pay close attention to:

Using Financials to Drive Results

Sometimes, how you manage your business is just as important as what you offer. In the Using Financials to Drive Results webinar, you will learn from McFarlin Stanford’s very own James Cali and Jason New. You will dive deeper into the bookkeeping process and the expectations you should hold yourself accountable to in order to facilitate profitable operations. Accurate reporting can produce the metrics and factors necessary to maximize your revenues and minimize your costs. Learn how you can revolutionize how you use your financials on April 1 from 12 pm – 1 pm EDT.

Crew Planning for High Efficiency

The productivity of your crew can make or break your bottom line. In this high-impact session, Frank Bourque will walk you through his 10-step process for maximizing the efficiency of your crew leaders and fielders. To upgrade your crew’s performance, sign up for the Crew Planning for High Efficiency webinar happening April 22 from 12 pm – 1 pm EDT.

Landscape Contractors Who Scale: Onboarding & Training Secrets

Your landscape business can’t excel without a skilled crew behind you. By hiring a skilled team, you can help grow your business and deliver high-quality work on time and while staying on budget. Ready to take your staff to the next level? Sign up for the Landscape Contractors Who Scale: Onboarding & Training Secrets hosted by Benji Carlson from Breakthrough Academy and LMN’s very own Mark Bradley. You do not want to miss this opportunity happening on April 8 at 12 pm EDT.

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Gain Industry Experience With Our Landscape Business Workshops

Every month, LMN’s CEO Mark Bradley puts together a green industry workshop dedicated to teaching landscape business owners how to up their business game with practical and sustainable lessons and solutions. After all, how useful is a workshop if you can’t apply what you have learned?

In this month’s workshop, on Tuesday, April 13, Mark will take you through the simple landscaping business changes you can implement to significantly improve your profit capture. On average, a typical landscape business owner takes home a profit margin of about 3%. By applying some of the managerial and operational changes Mark recommends, you can learn to reliably achieve profit margins of 15-20%. Figures this large can have a massive impact on one’s personal life, as well as the success of one’s business in the long run.

To sign up for these business-altering workshops and webinars, create a free LMN account and register today. After a few simple steps, you can start learning the methods and techniques you need to propel your business’ financial success.

The fun doesn’t end there! Stay tuned for our next monthly preview to see what LMN is offering landscape business owners during the month of May.

Landscape workshops and webinars aren’t the only way to upgrade your lawn care and landscape business. With the help of LMN’s cloud-based suite of landscape business management tools, you too can gain the operational and cost efficiencies of industry leaders. Not sure if LMN is right for you? Try LMN Free today!

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