Landscape Connections: It’s Not Work – It’s NETwork

Knowing the right people can make all the difference. The right connections introduce you to valuable customers, find you the right materials, and might even help you find the perfect employee. These partnerships should be win-win. That is, both you and your partner should get the value you need out of the relationship. 

Here are a few common partnerships that tend to be mutually beneficial to landscapers:

Local Nurseries and Garden Centers

Creating a partnership with a local nursery ensures that you’ll have access to high-quality materials, and potentially get them discounted with bulk pricing.

Home Builders and Real Estate Agents

Partnerships that get you in front of new homeowners can be lucrative. If a customer is new to the area, chances are they don’t have a landscaper lined up for their property. If you come recommended by the person who built or sold their home, you’ve got the inside track to making the sale

Property Management Companies

Property Management is one way to scale your business. If you’re able to service all properties that this company manages, you’re making their lives easier and building a large portfolio of business. 

Home Service or Facility Management Providers

Collaborating with companies that offer complimentary services, like windows or pest control, can open another avenue for leads.

One thing to remember about creating these partnerships is that they’re looking for the value you provide them as well. If you’re not sending them as many referrals as expected, or sending them the wrong referrals, they aren’t likely to send you their best referrals either.

Mark covered so much about creating and building win-win partnerships in this week’s webinar. Download the recording or sign up for next week’s webinar.

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